The 21 Beautiful Pictures Of Tribes Isolated From The Rest  Of The World

Behind the lens of Jimmy Nelson, geographical places that have been cut off from the rest of the world are been discovered and documented. Jimmy Nelson, an English photographer is popular for his portraits of cultures and disappearing tribes from all over the world. Not too long ago, Nelson published his third major project, which he called, ‘Homage To Humanity’, a project that involved him travelling to over thirty cultures on five continents. Another project of his, ‘Before They Pass Away’, was a collection of portraits he made in which more than thirty-five cultures isolated from the rest of the world were shown.

Jimmy Nelson casts his lens on these forgotten parts of the world and the rest of the world remembers. His photography has been like a tool for putting these tribes on the map, so the rest of the world can see and connect too.

His portraits of these indigenous people reveals how it is more than a project to the photographer and more about the subjects in front of his lens. Nelson attempts to bridge the gap that has existed for a while now between the people and their roots. He attempts to awaken in other people of the world their humanity with his portraits of isolated tribes and cultures.

In one of Nelson’s talks, he described the process of bringing the project into reality. He revealed that trying to get indigenous people to consent to be photographed by him sometimes takes months or weeks, depending. Currently, he is working on a documentary which will include over a thousand pictures of indigenous people from different parts of the world.

Here is a list of some of the the indigenous tribes Jimmy Nelson has photographed:

Samburu Tribe, Kenya.

Perak Women, Thikse Monastery, Ladakh, India.

Khoyor Tolgoi Hill, Altan Tsogts County Bayan Ulgii Province, Mongolia.

Hakamou’i, Ua Pou, Marguesas Islands, French Polynesia.

Mask Dancers, Paro, Bhutan.

Yang Shuo Cormorants, China.

Huli Wigmen, Ambua Falls, Tari Valley, Papua New Guinea.

Vaioa River, Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia.

Ganges, Haridwar, India.

Tarangire, Rift Escarpment, Tanzania.

Ndoto Mountain Range, Kenya.

Lake Argentino /Cerro Christal On Horizon Patagonia, Argentina.

Miao Village, Liu Pan Shui, Gui Zhou, China.

Angge Village, Upper Mustang Nepal.

Korcho Village, Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

Paro Pass, Bhutan.

Te Aroha Mikaka & Sky Bay Of Islands, Haruru Falls, North Island, New Zealand.

Mount Bosavi Waterfall, Papua New Guinea

Khoyor Tolgoi Hill, Altan Tsogts County Bayan Ulgii Provence, Mongolia

Ni Vanuatu Men Rah Lava Island, Torba Province Vanuatu Islands

Likekaipia Tribe Ponowi Village, Jalibu Mountains, Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea

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