The 15 Best Mobile Games To Spruce Up Conversations

The 15 Best Mobile Games To Spruce Up Conversations

Hey, hi, hello there. Don't mind me. I'm just about to spill some tea on a fundamental truth in the world of relationships and dating, or even in friendships. The dreaded 'dead conversation' has happened to us all.

It's nothing to be ashamed of, and it doesn't mean that people aren't making the effort.

But it does mean that perhaps we have either run out of things to say or don't really know how to platform discussions into something more deep and meaningful. Indeed, some people just prefer to talk in person, and that's fine. But equally, if a person establishes that they value the other person to be readily available and responsive on the phone, there remains an issue. If, in this moment or week or day, you have nothing to say; what do you do?

Answer: play games!

On the phone, not with their emotions! I'm talking about you, emotionally unavailable guys! You know who you are.

But yes, the solution to life's problems can probably be found in the app store. I'm not joking. So hear me out,

It's a way to not only connect with people and play against them or with them, but you can unlock their competitive spirit. Or better still, their protective spirit, and learn how each other operates, thinks, and perceives the world in how they interact with the game. Some can be super nostalgic. Some can be something that you both try for the first time together and still can't make heads or tails of what you're meant to be doing after hours on the damned thing. That's fine too and still remains frustratingly fun.

It also saves the effort of wondering what the other person is doing with a lowkey, zero commitment, casual format of ways to interact with them and check up on how they're feeling. It will likely spring up more conversation from the game, and even if it doesn't, it was a brain-engaging couple of minutes anyway.

So, without further ado, here are 15 games on your phone that you can play with your special person, ranging from brain-teasers and puzzles to full-out warfare. Don't say I didn't warn you.

1. Candy crush

The old faithful walked so that everyone else could run. Nowadays there are thousands of iterations of this classic grid-negotiation board game style, straight from the arcade, but back in the day, no phone would be complete without this bad boy featuring somewhere. Visually stimulating and you can all race to the highest level.

2. Mario RUN!

A nostalgic nod to the past when you would go and play on the Wii after school with all your friends; the beauty of technology is not always in the new, but reconfiguring the past to ensure it's still relevant. Apparently, the downside is that you will discover you still can't get past those stupid mushrooms. No, I'm not bitter.

3. Pokemon Go!

The same sort of idea as Mario in terms of nostalgic thrall, but this one can actually get you out and about on a walkabout town, racing to get to the Squirtle first. You can even pair this with other social activities afterward once you're outside, so it's great as a form of gatewaying more time together.

4. Stick hero

One of the more precise, harder games to play that requires patience, commitment, and a keen eye. These are all key skills in relationships, and you can always let out your frustration in a rant to your partner while you both get continually thwarted.

5. Word Cookies

This one is basically Scrabble 2.0, though I'm sure it's not licensed as such. But at its bare bones, this is a brain teaser, critically engaging, intellectually stimulating game puzzle where you can impress your friends at the same time as dusting off those skills from Literature 101 way back when. You just have to unscramble as many different words out of a selection of letters, with bonus points for extra creative words. A surefire way to shut the kids up, too, if appropriate.

6. Temple Run

Another classic ode to the 2012 phone culture. No day would go by without seeing the explorer dash around the jungle at break time in the school canteen, nor should it. It improves hand-eye coordination, and you can also get matching outfits with your partner's avatar and play against each other to see who is the most Indiana Jones among you.

7. Doodle Jump

This one ages like a fine wine, with the basic but unstoppable premise that you have to draw on launch pads for the avatar to jump off of as it ascends. Simple, but effective and you can easily carry a verbal conversation at the same time.

8. 94 seconds

A fun one for a game night or intellectual exercise, you get to test each other by working together to answer various questions or categories by letter - for example, a car brand beginning with B, or a vegetable starting with S. It's great fun and passes the time like no end, and also gets conversations going about favourite foods, the car you own, where you grew up and such as they are brought up in the game.

9. Angry Birds

Gosh, what a throwback here. We all know the premise, fling various frivolously shaped birds into the abyss and hope they knock over some prime real estate or obliterate a green pig. Childsplay, but they also have fun-themed versions like Star Wars or different holidays, so you can join in the revelry.

10. Happy Glass

Basically here, you have to use physics to know where the water will flow out of a tap and what line you should therefore draw to make sure the water fills up a cup somewhere on the page. Simple? Rarely, but it's great fun with a friend.

11. Flick Sports Football

A good bet if he likes football and you like flicking things. We can call it a compromise.

12. 4 Pics 1 Word

Another iteration of Scrabble, but this one is more likely to be on your parent's phone, but bless them, they send links to each other from across the world whenever they need a hint to solve the word association trick. It's a very cute function to get people connecting.

13. Smash Hit

More of a virtual progress option, where you are taken through a series of futuristic doors and panels and have to shoot down crystals to get extra time and points. Easy and fun, but also when it speeds up, very stressful! Whoever gets the lowest score has to buy lunch!

14. Charades

Another staple of tradition, put your phone up to your forehead and see how well your partner can explain 'Dog' to you.

15. 2048

It's basically maths. What's more romantic than maths?

Any of these options will provide a viable conversation starter or ressurection, so happy trails! Disclaimer: please don't come crying to me when these games start to consume your every waking moment!