The 100 Best Pick-up Lines: Funny, Sexy, Forbidden, And Charming

The 100 Best Pick-up Lines: Funny, Sexy, Forbidden And Charming

Do you find it difficult to approach great women? The best pick-up lines are cool, charming, funny, and can quickly break the ice.

But watch out: there are foolish sentences that will get you more rejections than phone numbers and dates. Here is a collection of the dumbest but also funniest of the best pick-up lines.

25 Best Pick-Up Lines That Are Funny

The 100 Best Pick-up Lines: Funny, Sexy, Forbidden And Charming

Following are 25 funniest best pick-up lines that work especially well if you're a humorous man that women can have a lot of fun with. You should best use them with a smile and a wink.

1. Do you have some change? I promised my mom I'd call her when I found the girl of my dreams.

2. If you're here, who's playing the harp in heaven right now?

3. Harry Potter must have been your father - you just put a spell on me.

4. You look so familiar... You look like my next girlfriend.

5. My last name goes great with your first name.

6. Will you also come to my rendezvous with you?

7. Do you have a pen for me so I can write down your number?

8. Can you briefly tell me which best pick-up lines works wonders for you?

9. Your mother really has a beautiful daughter.

10. A picture of you is listed under "Wow" in the encyclopedia.

11. Are you from Chornobyl? Your charisma is insane.

12. Hi, I'm a writer and I'm writing a phone book. I could really use your phone number.

13. Is your father a thief because he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.

14. Can you give me your phone number? I lost mine

15. From which cloud did you fall, my angel?

16. You are so beautiful - if you were a flower I would plant my entire garden with you.

17. You are the best proof that love at first sight really does exist.

18. Don't your feet hurt? 'Cause, you've been on my mind all day.

19. I talk to the shaver, flirt with the oven and eat breakfast with the toaster. Please get in touch with me – before I start a relationship with the vacuum cleaner!

20. You're lucky - I'm single!

21. Do I have sugar in my eyes or are you so cute?

22. If you were a potato, you would be a sweet potato for sure.

23. Do you know where to buy oxygen tanks around here? When I see you, it really takes my breath away.

24. Sorry, I think we know each other. You look like the mother of my children.

25. Can you please tell me what your name is? I need to put your name on my wish list for Santa.


25 Best Pick-up Lines Are That Sexy

The 100 Best Pick-up Lines: Funny, Sexy, Forbidden And Charming

These are the best pick-up lines that are sexy at the same time. These lines are particularly suitable for dominant men with a calm and deep voice. They are most effective when said to the woman in a relaxed and confident manner.

26. I wonder if your cherry red lips are yummy as they are cute. Can I taste them?

27. Kissing prolongs life. Do we want to make sure we live forever?

28. If you want to go to bed with me, smile now!

29. Stop staring at my eyes with your boobs!

30. My mouth is dry. Do you have a tongue to get it wet?

31. All these curves - and me without brakes.

32. What breakfast can I bring you to bed tomorrow?

33. I must be a light switch. Every time I see you, you turn me on.

34. If kissing is the language of love, you are welcome to express yourself properly with me.

35. I would rather lick something other than an ice cream cone right now.

36. Sex makes you slim. Let's lose weight together.

37. Are your parents' terrorists? You are a bomb.

38. I can't find my keys - can I sleep with you tonight?

39. I'm really not a man for one night. But I would make an exception for you.

40. I see you're sweating too. Come on, let's take a shower.

41. What else is there to see in the city besides you?

42. When a woman wants to have sex with a man, what does it look like?

43. Let me take your pulse - you look so aroused.

44. If you grin at me again, I have to kiss you.

45. Have you been in the sun too long - or why are you so hot?

46. I bought a new alarm clock. Do you want to hear him ring in the morning?

47. The color of your eyes goes beautifully with my bedding.

48. I don't think your outfit is the best - can I help you out with it?

49. I'm new in town. Can you show me the way to your home?

50. Do you have a fever? Because you look so hot.

25 Best Pick-up Lines That Are Bad

The 100 Best Pick-up Lines: Funny, Sexy, Forbidden And Charming

You hear the following 25 best pick-up lines more and more from men who clearly have no idea how to approach a woman.

These sayings should actually be banned. For the sake of not making a fool of yourself, here is a listing from them here.

If you convey the following pick-up lines with humor, show that you don't mean them at all and that you know the woman a little better, you might be able to make her laugh.

But actually, you shouldn't do it. And urgently enlighten your friends if they think they can be successful with women with these sayings.

51. My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it back.

52. Do you have 30 minutes and 20 centimeters of space?

53. Hello, I'm a civil engineer. My areas of expertise are properly excavating and then laying a pipe.

54. Hey you chocolate praline, let me be your filling!

55. You are an arsonist - you set my heart on fire!

56. Do you want to tell me what your name is or should I just call you "mine"?

57. Your looks mixed with my intelligence would create a whole new species!

58. Do you believe in God? I do, it hangs between my legs.

59. Buy me a house and a convertible and I'll be yours.

60. I'm not staring at you I enjoy the scenery.

61. My horse is gone. Can I saddle up with you?

​​62. I am a pilot by profession. I hope I can land with you.

63. Do you have water in your legs? My dowsing rod is just beginning.

64. My USB stick needs a USB port to charge it. May I put it in your place?

65. I'm so bad in bed, you absolutely have to experience it.

66. My cousin is a distiller. Come on, let me show you how easy it is to make rum.

67. I'm pretty drunk, you look really good!

68. Magic tricks are my forte. After sex, you disappear.

69. Sit down next to me - it's really exhausting to keep staring at you around the corner.

70. May I take a photo for NASA where I suspect you have a black hole?

71. My work as a secret agent dictates that I have to carry out a full body search on you.

72. Since I'm a mover, I'll help you undress right away.

73. Hey, you! Better take a step back - I don't know how big he'll be!

74. Do you fancy fishing? I would like to throw my bait in your pond.

75. You turn all men's heads... You look at them and they look away!


25 Best Pick-up Lines That Are Charming

The 100 Best Pick-up Lines: Funny, Sexy, Forbidden And Charming

The charming best pick-up lines are about finding something you like about the woman — about her looks or her character — and telling her that.

Honestly: With these kinds of best pick-up lines you can really melt women's hearts. Because women love to be seen by men in their uniqueness.

In order to use them successfully, however, you have to consider something important: You may only use it if you really mean the saying seriously and it applies to the woman.

A woman hears a lovelessly saying "Wow, you really look great!" far too often. But if you're really blown away by her looks and you want to tell her, then these friendly best pick-up lines will work.

It is even better if you also specify your charming statement. For example this: Wow, you look great! It's really rare for me to see such an elegant style of dress among women in this city.

Thanks to the precision technique, the woman realizes that you really mean it and that you are giving her your full attention at this moment.

Below are the 25 charming best pick-up lines.

76. You are so cute! When I look at you, I immediately get diabetes.

77. Unfortunately, I have to report you for theft. Because you stole my heart.

78. Love is blind. Will you take my hand and lead me to your home?

79. Do you happen to have a GPS with you? I'm looking for the way to your heart.

80. You have really nice legs, can I name them? Well, then I call the left Christmas and the right New Year's Eve. May I visit you in between?

81. Hello, I'm a mover. Can I help you undress?

82. Do your feet actually hurt? You've been on my mind for hours!

83. Hi, do we want to practice for the math exam? We can add you and me, subtract our clothes, divide our legs and multiply.

84. Hey, the tag on your dress is sticking out, let me see what it says. - That's what I thought: "Made in Heaven"!

85. I lost my teddy bear. Can I cuddle with you tonight?

86. Are your parents' architects or why are you so damn well built?

87. Can you make an SOS emergency signal? I'm drowning in your eyes right now!

88. I hope you have a good lawyer... because I have to sue you for damages because you broke my heart!

89. Please exchange a few words with me, I want my friends to be jealous because I am talking to an amazing woman.

90. Nice to meet you. I am (name) and you are - wonderful.

91. I need your help. My mom threatened to put me up for adoption if I didn't make it to another date this weekend.

92. You must be the real cause of global warming.

93. I noticed that you didn't notice me.

94. You look exactly like a person I'd like to get to know better.

95. If you get hungry at any point tonight, let me know. I like to cook something for you.

96. Would you like to see something very beautiful? (hold up selfie camera)


97. If I were a cat, I would spend all my nine lives with you.

98. We may not be socks, but I think we could be a matching couple.

99. Do you like water? (Yes) Great, then you already like me 70 percent!

100. My friends bet me money that I wouldn't dare speak to you. Should we buy something to drink with their money?

The Big Question: Which Are The Best Pick-up Lines That Women Really Like?

The 100 Best Pick-up Lines: Funny, Sexy, Forbidden And Charming

The truth is: While some women laugh and find these best pick-up lines amusing, others are just plain annoyed. Here are a few tips so that you do not fall flat on your face when flirting.

Use jokes to show good humor when flirting!

First of all, to use the best pick-up lines you need to change your perspective and understand what these pick-up lines really are. They are not flirty sayings, as many men believe, but simply "just" jokes.

That means you can bring in such pick-up lines at the right moment to laugh together with the girl and loosen up the situation. Therefore, do not use these sayings for serious hit-up attempts, but ONLY to show your humor!

Even the worst and dumbest pick-up lines can still be considered the best pick-up lines if you convey them with a lot of wit and irony. In this way, you will certainly get the woman to laugh and she will realize that you are the type of man who has a sense of humor and does not see flirting as too uptight.

Why Serious Flirt Sayings Don't Work – The Best Pick-up Lines Are Humorous?

The 100 Best Pick-up Lines: Funny, Sexy, Forbidden And Charming

Men often ask if there are best pick-up lines that are really magical.

Well, do not get your hopes up. Of course, there are no such slogans - nevertheless, there can be a golden "entrance ticket". What does this mean? Let's look at the example:

"Excuse me, I'm from the Smooch Agency. I'm required by law to test your kissing talent!"

Sayings like this remain what they are: usually a humorous and salacious compliment with a clear intention. But does this type also go down well with women?

Of course not! Because women always want to be something special for the man and these are not the best pick-up lines. The woman will think that the man is anything but creative. So the woman knows that you didn't bother to come up with something unique for her.

The Best Pick-up Lines Work. A Tip For More Creativity

The 100 Best Pick-up Lines: Funny, Sexy, Forbidden And Charming

You should also show your real personality instead of just memorizing the best pick-up lines.

Imagine the following situation: You are in your favorite bar. A few meters away there is a pretty girl who keeps looking at you and smiling slightly embarrassed. You finally take the courage and speak to her:

You: "Well, if you've been looking at me and smiling like that the whole time, then you can also say hello."

She: (smiles) "Okay, then I'll do it now. Hi!"

In this simple example, you could have contacted the woman in a different way. But this saying is well received because it is tailored to the situation. This shows the woman that you are creative and that your encounter is something special.

Now nothing stands in the way of a real flirt...

Find Your Own Best Pick-up Lines To Say!

The 100 Best Pick-up Lines: Funny, Sexy, Forbidden And Charming

So always take a look at the woman and make a comment that fits the situation. Take a close look, what do you notice? Is she wearing something that tells you more about her person - for example, a necklace, a tattoo, or a special dress?

Use this little bit of information and talk to them about it. Not only will she be happy, but she will also feel that you are an attentive man who has an eye for detail. That puts you miles ahead of the usual jokers out there!

So, don't be afraid to learn as many flirty jokes, funny pick-up lines, and witty one-liners as you can.