The 10 Worst Ways A Friend Can Betray You (& How To Deal When It Happens)

Betrayal by friends can be a painful experience, as it often comes from those we were close to. If you've been betrayed, here's how to handle each situation.

1. She Slept With Your Boyfriend

Sleeping with a friend's significant other is a clear indication of poor character and can also be extremely painful. If this occurs, it is best to cut ties with both individuals as they cannot be trusted. You deserve better and they deserve each other.

2. She Sabotaged You From Achieving Your Dreams

If a friend actively harms your career or hinders your success, it's important to address the situation. However, it is ultimately up to you to decide if forgiveness is warranted. My recommendation is to distance yourself from that person as soon as possible.

3. She Turned Your Other Friends Against You

When people choose to believe rumors or exclude you from a social circle, it can be difficult to regain their trust. The best course of action is to either confront the individuals who spread the rumors or wait for time to prove them wrong.

4. You Caught Her Sh*t-talking You Behind Your Back

When a friend has shown disrespect, the best approach is to confront them and end any contact with them. It's clear they do not value your friendship as much as they claimed.

5. She Bailed On You At The Worst Possible Time

A friend who deserts you during difficult times is not a true friend. If they return, it's important to address the issue and make it clear that you no longer wish to maintain a relationship with them. It's important to surround yourself with people who will support you through the tough times.

6. You Lent Her Money And She Won't Pay It Back

When someone takes money from you, it's a clear indication that they value money more than the friendship. This type of behavior is unacceptable and the friendship should be ended. If the amount is significant, consider taking legal action. If not, cut ties immediately and take steps to protect your finances.

7. She Seriously Embarrassed You

Sometimes a friend may betray you unintentionally or without malicious intent. If you feel the need to address the issue, have a private conversation with them. However, it's important to consider if their behavior is due to their personality or if it was motivated by jealousy. If it is the latter, it may be best to avoid being seen in public with that friend and keep in mind that they may have made themselves look worse than you.

8. She's Judged You Based On Things Outside Of Your Control

I've seen this type of betrayal happen to people who have become pregnant or come out as LGBTQ+. It's difficult to change the mind of someone who judges and distances themselves from you. In a way, it's a favor as they are no longer a part of your life. Often, judgmental people will return if they need something from you or if the situation that caused them to judge you has changed. If this happens, remind them of their past behavior and politely decline any further interaction with them.

9. She Threw You Under The Bus

If a friend expects you to take the blame for their actions or puts you in a dangerous situation, your first priority should be to protect yourself. This may involve proving your innocence and limiting any negative impact on you. Once you have done this, it's best to end the relationship with that person and anyone who sided with them without seeking the truth.

10. She Decided To Believe A Complete Stranger Over You

When a friend or relative chooses to believe a stranger over you, it can be hurtful. Sometimes, they may realize their mistake and apologize. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that you should rekindle the relationship. Depending on the severity of the lie and the consequences, it may be best to permanently distance yourself from them.

A friend's betrayal can severely damage the relationship and make it difficult to have a healthy friendship. While it may be possible to overcome, it's important to consider if it's worth investing time and energy into rebuilding the relationship. Life is too short to spend time on those who have betrayed you.