The 10 Creepiest Scary Pictures That Can't Be Explained

The 10 Most Mysterious And Scary Pictures That Can't Be Explained

The mystery is often used by people. Mystery allows everyone to express their point of view, justifying themselves exclusively by their own conclusions. It brings pride and raises self-esteem.

The following ten scary pictures will entertain your imagination and allow you to solve the mystery behind the stories.

#1: Could This Lady Called "Babushka" Have Anything To Do With The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy?

The 10 Most Mysterious And Scary Pictures That Can't Be Explained

The assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 sparked many conspiracy theories. One of the mysteries is the lady "babushka," a nickname given to an unidentified woman who appeared on several occasions in scary pictures at the scene of the murder.

How was this lady different from everyone else? Unlike the others, she filmed everything on camera and was very close to where the bullet hit the president. Police tried to find the woman in hopes that the footage would help reveal the secret, but to this day, no one knows her name.

In 1970, a woman named Beverly Oliver appeared, claiming she was the exact "babushka." A few years after Kennedy's murder, she says the man knocked her out of the house as an FBI agent. She acknowledged that she possessed the camera tapes and gave him the original. Then they disappeared, and she never heard of them again.

Her legend immediately aroused suspicion, mainly because in 1963, she was only 17 years old. According to the photo, a woman can in no way be given less than 40. In 1994, Beverly Oliver wrote a memoir that day and called it Dallas Nightmare. This book became the inspiration for JFK's John Oliver film. Officials doubt the correctness of her legend, so officially, "babushka" remains a mystery.

#2: Hessdalen Lights: Aliens Or A Natural Battery?

The 10 Most Mysterious And Scary Pictures That Can't Be Explained

In the small town of Hessdalen in Norway, people regularly observe spectacular lights. The lights were very active from 1981 to 1984 when people who came here from all over the world to spend the night under the open sky saw these lights 15-20 times a week. Nowadays, people observe this phenomenon only 15-20 times a year.

There is no scientific explanation for these lights, which is why many assume they were created due to the action of alien spaceships. But as of May 2014, some scholars think they may have discovered the secret. The hypothesis is that a large amount of iron inside the mountain, combined with a large amount of sulfur in the river, creates something like a battery. When ionized gas comes in contact with river vapor, people see lights. This theory has not yet been proven, so the mystery is still considered unsolved.

#3: Scary Picture Of Sea Monster

The 10 Most Mysterious And Scary Pictures That Can't Be Explained

If those scary pictures were taken today, they would most likely be related to Photoshop editing, but they were taken on December 12, 1964. And in case you forgot, there was no Photoshop back then.

Robert Le Serrec and his wife were off the coast of Stonehaven Bay on Hook Island, Queensland. Robert's wife noticed a massive silhouette in a quiet lagoon and took a few photos to determine what it was about later. As they said, the creature looked like a colossal bud 25 meters long. At first, the creature was motionless, but when they aimed the boat at it, it quickly went into the depths.

#4: The Mystery Of The Silhouette Of An Astronaut

The 10 Most Mysterious And Scary Pictures That Can't Be Explained

When Jim Templeton photographed his wife and daughter on a sunny day in Cumbria, England, he did not know that various theorists of various conspiracy theories would soon attack him. But here's what happened according to Jim's words. When he took this scary photo, no one was standing behind his daughter and wife. An unknown silhouette appeared after he developed the images.

Police did not see anything criminal in the scary picture, but the media inflated the whole story. Many have refuted the mystery of this photo, theoretically confirming that what looks like an astronaut is nothing but the mother of this girl, who stands further along the slope, and the light silhouette expressed because of the light entering the lens during shooting.

The others stand firm on their opinion that there is an astronaut in the photo. According to legend, a rocket launch was planned into the area, which was interrupted due to two men in white space suits watching the launch from the mountain, and one of them is on the shot taken by Templeton.

#5: Phantom Faces Above The Water City

The 10 Most Mysterious And Scary Pictures That Can't Be Explained

James Courtney and Michael Meehan cleaned the fuel tank on the Watertown in 1924. During this procedure, the men inhaled harmful fumes and died of suffocation. As was the custom at the time, they were buried at sea.

But a few days after their funeral, the ship was chased by the faces of two men who did not disappear for a second from the surface of the water. The faces were very clearly visible, and Captain Keith Tracy ordered them to be photographed. The scary picture shows two large faces chasing a ship.

#6: An Alien Satellite In Earth Orbit As Seen On This Scary Picture

The 10 Most Mysterious And Scary Pictures That Can't Be Explained

Can a satellite more than 13,000 years old fly in Earth orbit? Theoretically, anything can happen, and people who believe in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence have found confirmation in this photo. Some have even linked this "satellite" to a long echo that Nicola Tesla once recorded in 1899, sending a signal into space.

Rumors of the possibility of finding an unidentified object in Earth orbit surfaced in the 1950s when stories were published in which the U.S. Air Force allegedly described the discovery of two satellites that neither the U.S. nor the USSR launched.

#7: Scary Picture Of A Ghost At Dinner

The 10 Most Mysterious And Scary Pictures That Can't Be Explained

Legend has it that the Cooper family (pictured) moved into their new home, and this was the first photograph taken on the walls of this house.

When the scary photo was shown, everyone saw a body hanging from the ceiling, which none of the people in the picture saw. Further research has led to the emergence of many legends, but most tend to combine the two photographs skillfully, which was possibly done consciously.

#8: Pyramids On The Dark Side Of The Moon

The 10 Most Mysterious And Scary Pictures That Can't Be Explained

What exactly is hiding on the dark side of the moon? The scary picture above was taken by Apollo 17 during the last flight to the moon. It was initially dismissed as unsuccessful but then attracted attention.

Although there is a lot of "noise" in the photo, the straight lines characteristic of the pyramid are clearly visible. Some believe there are pyramids like the Egyptians at the back of the moon, but most are skeptical of those statements.

#9: Scary Picture Of Freddy Jackson After His Death

The 10 Most Mysterious And Scary Pictures That Can't Be Explained

Freddie Jackson was accidentally killed by a propeller plane while working on a plane of Sir Victor Goddard. Two days later, the squadron was painting, and when Goddard found himself in the photo, he saw Freddy Jackson's face behind him.

When he showed his discovery to friends, they agreed that it was actually the late Jackson. That day was his funeral.

#10: The Mysterious Death Of Elisa Lam

The 10 Most Mysterious And Scary Pictures That Can't Be Explained

Elisa Lam was a 21-year-old student who disappeared in January 2013 at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. Her naked body was later found in a technical water tank. Elisa reportedly had bipolar disorder, and that story may have been a simple accident. However, her death still left too many questions that could not be so easily written about as an accident.

In the video that shows the last moments of her life, you can see Elisa pressing all the elevator keys, but the elevator doesn't close, and then we see Elisa hiding from someone. Then she leaves the elevator, looks around, bumps into the elevator, and presses the keys, but the elevator again refuses to close the door. In a few minutes, Elisa leaves the elevator, and the door is shut... We don't see her anymore.