Thai Oil Rig Workers Rescue Dog Found Swimming 135 Miles Offshore

Most people don't dream of working at an oil rig. The isolation from the world is something many people would find mentally distressing. But it's a job like any other, and someone has to do it.

And while it might have its downsides, it can be pretty exciting as well. For instance, consider a bunch of oil rig workers who found a dog swimming 135 miles offshore in the Gulf of Thailand.

Like most people, they could not believe their eyes when they witnessed the unusual sight.

They noticed the dog by sheer luck. In fact, if they had not seen the dog's small head, they would not have thought much of the ripples that she caused. The dog would have probably died at sea, but fate had a more promising plan in store.

The brown Aspin was bobbing in and out of the water, and the team put all their resources into getting it aboard as soon as they noticed it.

After the rescue, the dog was named Boonrod (which means Survivor), by the oil rig workers who rescued its life.

The dog was trying to swim towards the rig, which is about 135 miles from the shore.

Luckily for the dog, the sea was calm, otherwise, she might not have been in a position to survive the predicament.

As of yet, no one knows how the dog managed to get so far from the shore.

But that has not stopped people from coming up with their own theories on how it happened.

One possibility is that she jumped off a nearby ship. The other possibility is that she had incredible swimming stamina that managed her to get as far as she did.

The Bangkok Post speculates that the dog might have fallen off a local fishing board but nobody noticed.

The oil rig workers used a rope to pull the dog to safety. She was then dried, fed, and offered a makeshift shelter.

When the dog got on board, she was tired and depressed, and she had lost her body water. But after being given water and minerals, she could finally sit up and walk normally.

The dog stayed for two days before she was taken to another home. An oil tanker that was passing close by agreed to take the dog and she was taken to southern Thailand where she could receive veterinarian assistance.

However, one of the oil rig workers would like to have the dog as a permanent pet. Vitisak Payalaw who assisted during the dog's rescue said he was more than willing to adopt the dog in case the actual owner does not show up to claim it.

Currently, the dog is getting top-notch care from an animal charity, Watchdog Thailand, and everything seems to be going well. The initial checkup showed that she was healthy.

Therefore, everyone involved in the dog's rescue did a brilliant job. Therefore, she rightly earned the name Survivor, which the oil rig workers gave her after the rescue.

With any luck, the man who helped save her will get to keep her as a pet, and she can hold on to her well-deserved new name as well.