Texting Your Boyfriend: How Much Is Too Much?

texting your boyfriend: how much is too much?

Thanks to texting, you never have to be away from your boyfriend for too long. He's only a text message away! But sometimes you can go overboard.

When you're caught up in the joys of a relationship, it can be hard to see when you're texting him way too much.

If you have a sinking feeling that maybe your boyfriend can't keep up with your texting habits, we're here to help you figure that out.

Here are signs that you're texting your boyfriend too much.

Other people are noticing

texting your boyfriend: how much is too much?

If someone is telling you that maybe you're texting your boyfriend too much, take a moment to consider what they're telling you. They could be right.

Your boyfriend takes a while to respond

texting your boyfriend: how much is too much?

You may respond within seconds of getting a text message, but that's because you're texting too much! Okay, maybe punctuality isn't a sign that you're going a little overboard, but if your boyfriend is late to respond, perhaps think twice about how much you're texting him.

This sign may be a little tricky to navigate, but here are some good rules to gauge if you need to chill out, and your boyfriend isn't just lazy.

You send three or more messages before he responds.

You send him more text messages while you're waiting for him to respond (now that's a lot of texts to pile up).

You know he's working or occupied.

You see that he's viewed your message but doesn't get back to you until much later.

If he doesn't text you back, he probably needs text space. In other words, he doesn't have the energy to deal with your barrage of text messages right now. Please leave a message after the tone.

Their texting tone changes

texting your boyfriend: how much is too much?

It's just a text message. You can't hear or see the person's face. But if you've been texting with someone for a while, then you know that they have a certain tone to their replies.

When that tone changes, it may be a sign that they can't handle how much you text them. A perfect example of this is "K."

A notoriously passive-aggressive response for "Okay," the "K" sums up the tone change red flag. Either they're annoyed, upset, or need a quick way to respond to you because they aren't into it at the moment.

Sometimes "K" means nothing, but most of the time, it's something. In this case, it could mean, "Leave me alone."

You immediately think they're up to no good when they don't respond

texting your boyfriend: how much is too much?

You may have the time to text your boyfriend all day, but he may be busy with work, family, or other responsibilities. Not to mention, he has his own social life separate from you.

But if you send a text message and within minutes you think he's fooling around with someone else or he is out and up to no good, you may be wrapped up in texting. This leads to you accusing him of cheating or giving him an attitude within an unreasonable amount of time.

In fact, you're texting him so much that you're relying on texting to maintain a connection with him!

You get anxious when your boyfriend doesn't reply in a few minutes

texting your boyfriend: how much is too much?

On the same note, if you get anxious or insecure when your boyfriend doesn't reply to a text you sent, you could become obsessive. You are texting him too much!

Step away from the phone and readjust your thinking. Again, you're starting to rely on texting for affirmation from your boyfriend.

When you start texting him over and over for reassurance, think twice before you send another text message.

Texting becomes your priority

texting your boyfriend: how much is too much?

If you're texting your boyfriend or waiting for a reply in lieu of doing your work or taking care of your daily responsibilities, it's a clear sign you're texting too much.

You shouldn't make your boyfriend (or texting) your whole world. Don't wait by the smartphone for him to respond to you. Find a balance between work and love.

You text him a lot more than he texts you

texting your boyfriend: how much is too much?

Is he is texting you once for every five texts you send him you're excessively texting him.

To avoid continuously texting your boyfriend too much, find some friends with who you can keep in contact, as well.

It's not just to talk, it's because you're bored

texting your boyfriend: how much is too much?

Ever rummage through the pantry or refrigerator, not because you're hungry but because you're bored? Well, the same thing can happen with texting, too.

If you constantly text your boyfriend because you're bored - and you find yourself bored most of the time - then you're probably texting him too much.

Instead, find productive things to do. Usually, when other people are busy, they don't like to receive messages. Your boyfriend might be one of these people. So, to minimize or get rid of your boredom, you, too, should keep yourself busy.

Your boyfriend tells you explicitly that you're texting him too much

texting your boyfriend: how much is too much?

The best way to know if you're texting your boyfriend too much is if he tells you. If he does tell you this, don't get offended (unless he tells you offensively). Adjust your behavior!

These are a few signs that you're texting your boyfriend too much. If you think you are, do some self-evaluation.

Not every suspicion is correct, but be more conscious of your behavior so that you can catch yourself should you ever start to fall into the texting trap. And it's an easy trap to fall into - especially if you love your boyfriend lots!