Texas Woman Sentenced To Life In Prison For Leaving Disabled Daughter Alone To Go Partying

According to KTRK, Lauren Kay Dean from Texas has received a life imprisonment sentence for causing the death of her bedridden 7-year-old daughter Jordynn Barrera. Dean admitted to neglecting her daughter's critical medical needs while she went out drinking and partying. She was also given a 20-year sentence for two charges of endangering a child through abandonment.

1. Lauren Kay Dean Was Arrested On January 31, 2020

As per the court documents obtained by Fox News, when Bay City Police officers visited Dean's residence for a welfare check, she invited them in to demonstrate that her children were fine. However, they discovered that Jordynn had passed away. "During the check, officers located a deceased 7-year-old female child inside the residence along with the mother of the child," police said in a statement following the arrest. "The 7-year-old child was bedridden due to medical conditions."

2. Jordynn Suffered From Multiple Serious Medical Conditions

According to KTRK, the deceased 7-year-old girl had both Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, and was unable to communicate verbally while relying on a feeding tube. Following the discovery of Jordynn's death, the police removed her two younger siblings aged 3 and 5 from the residence.

3. Authorities Took Lauren Kay Dean Into Custody That Day

Initially, the 26-year-old mother of three was accused of three second-degree felony charges of "Abandon Endanger a Child - Imminent Danger Bodily Injury." However, her charges were later upgraded to capital murder of an individual below 10 years of age, instead of abandonment and endangerment.

4. Dean Failed To Help Jordynn With Her Basic Needs

According to the Bay City Tribune, Dean was charged with neglecting Jordynn's well-being and leaving her and her two younger siblings unattended at home while she was out drinking at a nearby bar. To avoid the possibility of a death penalty, Dean chose to plead guilty, as per the paper.