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Texas Passes Bill Allowing Handguns To Be Carried Without A License

texas passes bill allowing handguns to be carried without a license

The United States has had over 170 mass shootings this year, and we are not even halfway through the year. Hundreds of people of all races, ages, and professions paid the ultimate price after losing their lives or getting injured in these horrific attacks.

Whatever your stand is on gun ownership, there is no denying that easy access to guns has plenty to do with what domestic terrorists are doing to innocent civilians.

So, you would think that states would be putting in place measures that ensure criminals have a harder time getting access to guns. However, Texas has instead decided to join over 10 other states that have legalized the possession of handguns without a permit.

Shocking, isn't it?


The Law Is Called HB 1927

After the passage of this law, people are allowed to carry handguns on their person at all times. Unlike in the past, people can now do this without using any permit or abiding by the restrictions that were previously in place.

Deaths Caused By Gun Violence Are Getting Out Of Control

This year has seen the loss of over 200 lives due to mass shootings. Nearly 700 people have been injured as a result of these attacks.


That suggests that the country needs stricter gun laws. However, some states are doing the complete opposite of this.

We Should Expect More Victims Of Gun Violence

Obviously, not everyone thinks this law is a move in the right direction. Without a doubt, easier access to firearms will translate into more gun violence.


Rather than reducing the number of deaths and injuries occurring due to gun use, HB 1927 will only worsen the situation.

With this law in place, people who shouldn't own any guns will have the legal right to carry these weapons in public without problems.

According to State Sen. Judith Zaffirini, the licensing process previously in place allowed the authorities to "ask critical questions before allowing the public carriage of a lethal weapon based on what can only be described as the mildest inconvenience."

That's no longer the case.


What's With America's Love For Guns?

America loves guns, and nobody can dispute that. However, although many of them see gun ownership as a God-given right and a necessity, the notion that people need to be armed at all times is quite crazy.

The situation is made worse by the fact that gun ownership is causing a lot of problems throughout the country.

Studies have already shown that people who own guns are more likely to get injured through guns. These injuries are often fatal.

So, rather than protecting the people, loose gun laws actually promote the violent gun culture that is turning many innocent people into unfortunate victims of armed domestic terrorists.