Texas Is Offering $10,000 Rewards To People Who Turn In Women Trying To Get Abortions

Texas Is Offering $10,000 Rewards To People Who Turn In Women Trying To Get Abortions

The state of Texas is notorious for presenting and passing legislation against the LGBTQI+ community, the poor, and women. Now, Texas is offering a bounty of $10,000 to whoever prevents someone from abortion.

They might have just gone too far with this one!

It's Final Starting From The First Of September

The state legislature passed the Texas Heartbeat Act back in May. As of September 1st, anybody who knows a woman that desires an abortion for whatever reason can report her to the police for a monetary reward. Such a great and healthy idea, right?


The Act Only Gets Worse

The law also implies that if there is a heartbeat during an abortion, private citizens are allowed to sue private medical companies. Even if they don't live in Texas, the person who reports it will still get $10,000.

The Legislation Can Also Reach The Healthcare Providers


According to the pro-choice group Women's March, private individuals have the right to sue nurses, surgical providers, and friends and family members of women seeking abortions.

If You're A Woman, The Laws In Texas Were Already A Threat

Even if the woman had been the victim of rape or incest, Texas previously made it illegal to get an abortion before six weeks of pregnancy. Still, this new legislation makes pregnant women's situation even more dangerous.


The Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubi tweeted:

It Is A Race Against Time


Many abortion providers, funds, doctors, and religious members have filed a lawsuit to block what they refer to as an "unconstitutional restriction" on abortion.

Although the odds are not in their favor, it is important never to give up fighting oppressive laws. Every day, women's rights are being swept away by restrictive laws and bans. We should not allow this to happen.