Texas Boy Dies In Unheated Home Amid Cold Snap, Power Outages - Hours After He Plays In The Snow For The First Time

texas boy dies in unheated home amid cold snap, power outages – hours after he plays in the snow for the first time [video]

Due to extreme weather conditions in February, the power outages in Texas were unprecedented and unusual for many affected. A few lost their lives as a result of a direct or indirect effect of the incident. During that time, an 11-year-old boy died in his bed in Conroe, Texas.

According to the Washington Post, the young boy named Cristian Pavon went to bed on a Monday night in the mobile home where he lived with his mom, step-father, and step-siblings. Before that Monday, he had never seen snow. He moved to Texas from Honduras in 2019. As such, it was a new experience for him.

His mother, Maria Elisa Pineda, told Univision that he played outside in the snow on that Monday until she called him in because of the cold. Afterward, he played for some time indoors, ate, and went to bed.

With no power supply, there was no heater, and temperatures dipped over the night. Christian and one of his step-siblings, a 3-year-old, slept beneath a pile of blankets to keep them warm.

Discovering His Lifeless Body

On Tuesday, the following day, Cristian remained in bed well into the afternoon. His mother was not too concerned since the young boy was one to sleep in. She though tried to get him up by 2 p.m. but met with no response.

Pineda told the Houston Chronicle:

"He was already dead."

She also mentioned that he gave no prior indications of illness and did not complain of feeling unwell before retiring to bed the previous night. She and her husband immediately dialed 911 after finding him unresponsive, and on arrival, they pronounced him dead.

The Houston Chronicle mentioned that investigators stayed at Pineda's home until 8 p.m. that Tuesday night. As part of a routine procedure, they took blood samples from Pineda and her husband to test for drugs.

Conroe police spokesperson, Sgt. Jeff Smith told the Houston Chronicle:

"By all other means, he was a normal, healthy child."

The day before Cristian died, his mother took pictures and videos of him happily playing in the snow. These images were shared with ABC 13.

At the time, investigators suspected hypothermia as the likely cause of death. Sgt. Smith said that it might take several weeks before the cause of death is confirmed. Cristian might be one of at least 30 people reported to have died in Texas as a direct or indirect effect of the extreme weather.

Cristian's relatives organized a GoFundMe campaign to have enough funds for his body to be transported to Honduras for burial.

Recently his mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Texas' power provider, ERCOT. She is demanding $100 million for gross negligence, accusing them of putting profits over the welfare of people. The autopsy result to confirm the cause of death is still pending.