Tex-Mex Restaurant Owner Spends $2,000 Of His Own Money To Promote Competitors Who Are Struggling

tex-mex restaurant owner spends $2,000 of his own money to promote competitors who are struggling

Adolfo Melendez is the owner of the the Tex-Mex eatery El Mezcal.

As a restaurant owner, he experienced firsthand how much impact the coronavirus pandemic had on the restaurant industry.

It's not a secret that family-based local places like his own have been especially struggling during these hard times.

But some people are like Adolfo, who never look out only for themselves.

Indeed, sincere people sometimes may not be in a position to pull you up. But, they always think of ways, not to let you fall.

The Philosophy Behind Small Businesses

Small businesses aren't simply a source of revenue. If you want to run your business successfully, you need to put not only your heart into it but your whole being.

Being involved in the business world made Adolfo aware of some things that ordinary people don't notice at first glance, or at all.

He strongly believes that small businesses are the heart, soul, vision, sweat equity, lives, and livelihoods of the people who stand behind them.

People who are your family, your friends, and neighbors. People Adolfo Melendez believes in, because in the first place - he's one of them too.

A Bright Idea

The pandemic has already thought us a lot of valuable life lessons.

Being aware of this whole situation, Adolfo decided to finally do something to help other people in need.

To help stave off restaurant cutbacks and closures in his community, Adolfo purchased more than $2,000 in gift cards to other neighborhood eateries.

And that's not all. Since then, he's been gifting them to his customers via El Mezcal's Facebook page.

Being Thankful

Diversity is what gives a community its unique flavor, and Adolfo Melendez appreciates flavor.

Some of his competitors have already expressed how lucky they are to have people like Adolfo in their lives.

Olympia Family Restaurant owner Pete Ananiadis appreciated Adolfo's noble gesture. He claimed:

"In these COVID times, it's very important to eat local, small mom and pop shops. Adolfo understands that."

Maybe in another ideal and corona-free time, all restaurant businesses can be competitive once again. This is not the moment to be sworn-enemies with people who fight the same battle.

Adolfo made the first step and broke down the barriers between small business owners.

Let's hope that many others will join him in the attempt to offer a hand to those who need it.