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Tested: Pants You Can Pee And Poop In - Yes, You Read That Right

Tested: Pants You Can Pee And Poop In - Yes, You Read That Right

If you have ever been far away from home and somewhere where there is no proper toilet in sight while you are pressed to go, fewer things are that scary.

The sweat, the goosebumps - it's not a feeling craved by anyone. Unless there is a bush nearby to relieve yourself, and you don't mind it, peeing or pooping in your pants might be the only way out. "Yuck!" you say?

Well, Chickfly has produced new pants that you can poo and pee in without pulling them down. Would that even be possible? Let's find out.


The Outside magazine conducted a test to see how well they performed, and the outcome is impressive.

How To Wear The Chickfly Pants


You have to wear them without underwear. They are designed with overlapping moveable panels of fabric. With so much material in place, you must go commando while wearing these leggings.

This might be a problem if you are on your period or cannot go without underwear. If you are on your period, tampons over pads might be better.

But you can wear your pad on the top layer of the pants.


One of Outside's reviewers, Claire Barber, shared the best part of the Chickfly leggings:

"You don't need to pull the pants all the way down to go, and if you're opening them from the front, your back and sides will be fully covered. When you're done, the stretchy fabric springs back into place, so you never feel exposed for long."

She added:

"Granted, you're still peeing outside, so privacy is relative, but you avoid the hassle of hoisting your pants back up and mooning other outdoor patrons."


So, it's not like you pee or poop inside the pants and have to walk around in them like you are wearing a diaper. You just stay in it while you separate wraps, that is, layers, that allow you to pee or poop without exposing your entire behind.

It takes a bit of practice to get used to it. Separating the layers and putting them back in place might not take much time or skill but cleaning up once you are done will.


Wiping yourself clean after peeing or pooping requires holding the separated fabric layers. If you hold the fabrics with one hand, how do you wipe with the other? This is where practice and skill come in.

Once you can get used to that, you are good to go.

What They Are Made Of


The Chickfly pant is made from odor-resistant bamboo fabric. This makes them comfortable and moveable while keeping the smell away.

Barber wore one a couple of times before throwing it in her dirty laundry. After a while, she pulled them out without washing and noticed that they did not smell bad.

That is pretty impressive and is available at the Chickfly store. Chickfly pants and leggings are environmentally friendly and sustainable.


These cost $119 each. It might seem like a lot, but it is a worthy investment if you spend a lot of time away from a regular toilet.