Terrifying Simulation Shows What Would Happen If You Fell Into A Jet Airplane Engine

If you've ever wondered what would happen if you were inside a jet plane engine, the answer is quite terrifying. Do not attempt this.

The chances of survival are slim. Watch the simulation below.

A YouTube video created by Atomic Marvel illustrates the gruesome outcomes of a potential accident.

The video depicts the individual being sucked into the engine, then quickly disintegrating into small red particles, similar to a tomato in a blender.


Close-up shots demonstrate the rapidity of death for the unfortunate person as there is little left of the animated human within seconds.

The comments section of the video is filled with amazed viewers, as well as jokes about the content, as people tend to react to such matters.

"I like how the plane starts breakdancing at the end after killing the human," one person wrote in response to the clip.


"Props to this guy for taking off his skin and purposefully getting sucked into a plane engine just to show us how it looks," a YouTube viewer said.

While a third pointed out: "For everyone wondering: it's for safety reasons that if a human body gets sucked into the engine the plane automatically starts spinning around like crazy."

A YouTube user who claims to work for an air ramp explained how training helps to prevent situations like the one shown in the simulation.


"Don't stand in front or near an engine when the lights are flashing. If the engines need an air start, there are several people who give an all-clear before pushing air through the engine. If you need to do an engine run, there are several people in different spots to ensure no one walks near the engine before given an all-clear."


They also shared about a colleague's terrifying close encounter with an engine "Once had an employee walk in front of an engine to tell me he was next to the wing.

"When I saw him walking towards me I nearly shit bricks and shouted at him to get away from the engine!

"The mechanics had their hands up ready for an all-clear on the air start. The guy didn't listen and came to me to tell me something stupid about where he was standing."


They continued: "I made him watch them turn the engine on, and you can see a gust of force push through. Told him he is lucky we didn't send him home to his wife in a trash bag.

"After that he was no longer allowed to work on the air ramp and was forced to work in the warehouse."

Recently, Reddit users were horrified after watching a similar simulation involving a helicopter, although not all of them believed it to be accurate.