Tennessee Teen Raises Thousands Of Dollars For Food Banks By Making And Selling His Own Vanilla – Watch

tennessee teen raises thousands of dollars for food banks by making and selling his own vanilla – watch

You're never too young to make a change. William Cabaniss, 14, from Tennessee, founded a non-profit, Vanilla Feeds Tomorrow, to help people who are struggling during the Covid-19 crisis.

The young teen was watching the news about long lines for food banks across the States. As he was making vanilla and chocolate brownies, a fantastic idea crossed his mind.

He wanted to raise funds for his local food bank Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee.

In no time, he started making, bottling, and selling homemade vanilla extract and donating all profits to Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee, where he also volunteers.

A heart of gold is not enough

This young man has made over 9,000 dollars in profits, providing over 27,000 meals for those in need. Not only that he has a heart of gold, but he's also willing to roll up his sleeves and do the actual work.

As William explained, he doesn't want to stop making a difference:

"If I can only help one person, I will be satisfied that I have made a difference. However, I would like to do this for as many people as I can. No one should have to worry about hunger. This is my goal for Vanilla Feeds Tomorrow."

However, this golden boy's effort included the help of equally devoted family members.

Starting a non-profit isn't easy. William created a web page and his research on how to make and distribute vanilla.

His grandmother runs the Facebook page.

The dad is the one making all the financial decisions and dealing with legal matters.

Jillina Cabaniss, the boy's mother, told GNN:

"William is working so hard trying to help fight hunger in his community."

The Teen Saw His Friends Struggling To Buy Food

Though it seems like one news segment changed this young man's world, he noticed that many of his friends were struggling. That only made him more determined to do something for the community.

The Farragut High School student is selling vanilla from premium Madagascar beans. Buying an 8 oz. bottle of homemade Pure Vanilla Extract from William and his family means providing 42 meals for hungry people.

On the website, you can order and donate. You will make your meals more delicious and help those starving. It's never too early to get your kind involved. William started visiting and helping in local food banks when he was 7.

William Cabaniss is a role model our kids deserve, but he's also an inspiration to us, much older than him!

The teen's day is otherwise typical. He hangs out with his friends, and plays video games. But his contribution to society is priceless.

Here's his story: