Teenager Wins $48 Million With First Lottery Ticket She Ever Bought

A Canadian teenager had a once-in-a-lifetime fortune this week, winning a $48 million lottery jackpot.

The best part? It was her first time ever purchasing a ticket for the national lottery game.

18-year-old Juliette Lamour won the massive jackpot prize worth nearly £30 million on Friday, after buying her first-ever ticket for the national lottery game, completely unaware that it would turn out to be the winning ticket.


Lamour broke records as the youngest ever winner of a massive lottery jackpot.

While not the youngest lottery winner ever, Lamour is unique as a winner of such a high jackpot at such a young age.

Juliet thinks her choice to buy a ticket for the specific lottery draw was purely by chance.

She informed Global News that her grandfather suggested playing the lottery as a way to celebrate her 18th birthday, calling it a "fun" idea.


And her grandfather's suggestion will definitely make it a birthday to remember for Lamour!

She told the media: "I just turned 18 and my grandfather suggested I buy a lottery ticket for fun.

"When I went to the store, I wasn't sure what to ask for because I had never bought a ticket before, so I called my dad who told me to buy a LOTTO 6-49 Quick Pick."

Lamour is stunned at winning the lottery on her first attempt and the reality is still sinking in.


"I still can't believe I hit the Gold Ball jackpot on my very first lottery ticket!" she said, before saying that she had forgotten that she had purchased the ticket.

She reported that she and her coworkers were talking about the recent big win in the lottery, as local news had announced that the winning ticket was sold in Sault Ste. Marie where she resides, but had not yet been claimed. The discussion was purely coincidental.


Lamour then checked the lottery app on her phone and was amazed by her good fortune.


"My colleague fell to his knees in disbelief. He was yelling, in fact, everyone was yelling that I won $48 million!" she recalled.

When she opened the app to see if her numbers had been drawn, a winning jingle started playing and a message popped up on the screen reading "Big Winner."

The OLG has since commented on her win, stating: "While there have been other 18-year-old lottery winners across Canada in recent years, no one has won as much as Juliette."


When asked about her plans for the winnings, Lamour stated that she wants to complete her university studies first, then go on some "summer adventures."