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Teenager Who Sold His Kidney For An IPhone Left 'Disabled And Bedbound'

Teenager Who Sold His Kidney For An Iphone Left ‘disabled And Bedbound’

All of us have made bad decisions before, but a teenage boy takes the cake for making the decision to trade his kidney for an iPhone. Everything that could go wrong with this decision did, and today, Wang Shangkun is lying in bed disabled after the procedure.

The deal went down on the black market, and he got $3,200 for his organ.

Obviously, the boy was desperate. And coming from one of China's poorest provinces didn't help.

He was dying to have an iPad, although he knew it was way beyond his means. But an organ harvester got in touch with him over the web with the cash offer, and he couldn't say no.

He Couldn't Tell Where His Kidney Would End Up

According to news reports, Wang had no idea where his kidney would end up after he sold it. However, the surgery took place in Hunan Province, and the procedure deprived him of his right kidney.


But he was never told who would be receiving his kidney. Nevertheless, he was told that the procedure would be carried out by two doctors working in local hospitals.

He Didn't Think Losing One Kid Would Be A Big Deal

Obviously, he didn't think losing one kidney when you can live comfortably with the other would be a great deal. To his mind, "one was enough."

But at the moment, the adequacy of having a single kidney was not his greatest priority. Buying an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 was what he truly needed, not an extra organ he could live without.

The Boy's Mother Was Horrified After The Realization


Needless to say, the 17-year-old did not have the blessing of his parents before undergoing the procedure. In fact, the mom only grew suspicious after the boy walked in carrying the expensive gadgets:

When my son came home he had a laptop computer and an Apple phone. I asked him where all the money for that came from. When he couldn't keep it to himself any longer he finally told us.

The boy confessed what happened:

Mum, I sold my kidney.

It probably sounded like a joke at first. But when the mom finally realized this was the truth, she was crushed:

When he told me I felt like the sky was crashing down on our family.


Nine People Later Arrested In Connection With The Surgery

Even though a deal was made and everyone kept their end of the deal, selling organs is illegal. And so, a search for all those involved began.

After Shangkun's story got out, nine people were put under arrest. Already, five of them have been charged with organ trading and intentional injury.

Those arrested include the broker, the person who rented the operating room, the surgeon, and the people who did the search for potential organ sellers.

After The Operation, Shangkun Isn't Doing Well


Although he got the iPhone and the iPad he wanted, the boy already regrets his decision.

Soon after the operation, his health deteriorated.

The operation room was unhygienic, and that, together with the lack of post-operative care, led to an infection in the kidney that remained.

That led to renal deficiency, which has left him unable to leave his bed. Every day, he needs dialysis to clean his blood.

Family Got Financial Compensation

After the ordeal Shangkun went through, the family got $300,000 in compensation.

But it's highly unlikely that he sees the compensation as an appropriate reward for the suffering he is undergoing at the moment.