Teenager Tricks TikTok Into Thinking He Is Dating His GRANDMOTHER

As part of a year-long prank, a teenager has tricked the internet into thinking he is in a romantic relationship with his 76-year-old grandmother, while also falsely asserting that she was expecting a child.

Giuseppe D'anna, who boasts 3.1 million TikTok followers, has posted multiple videos insinuating that Milina Gatta is his girlfriend.

He shocked his 80,000 Instagram followers at the beginning of this month by announcing that he and Ms. Gatta, who is 57 years older than him, were anticipating the birth of a child.

Nonetheless, it seems that things are not as they appear between the two individuals.

In an interview with JamPress news agency, the Italian teenager revealed that the relationship was completely fabricated, and the assertions were solely a tactic to gain traction on the internet.

"Yes, Milina is my grandmother," he confirmed.

Last May, Mr. D'anna and his grandmother gained widespread attention after divulging purported details of their relationship online, and subsequently, announcing their engagement.

Following the dissemination of this information, including the supposed pregnancy, the teenager's followers began to detect inconsistencies in his narrative, with some asserting that it was "impossible."

"It's impossible to get pregnant when granny has hit her menopausal stage," one viewer said.

Another added: "She's old enough to be your greatest grandma."

Notwithstanding, some individuals still seemed to be deceived, as evidenced by their comments on a more recent video: "I thought that was your grandma, but when I saw y'all kissing."

In this video, Mr. D'anna can be seen flaunting presents that he purportedly received from his "girlfriend."

Among the items were a pair of Versace shoes and a sports car, which the teenager claimed were bestowed upon him by his 76-year-old companion.

Most of the comments were perplexed, although some seemed to buy into the hoax.

One person said: 'Woop woop. That's the sound of the police.'

Others commended Mr. D'anna's financial acumen, writing: "If it gives you a profit, go for it."

"Bro, I thought it was your grandma," said a third.

Certain viewers even expressed their support for the purported relationship, particularly after images surfaced depicting a supposed proposal and even a sonogram.

"It's a happy couple, and they're not going to waste time explaining something that most people don't understand," one person said.