Teen Surprises Girl With Special Needs With Sweet Prom-posal

teen surprises girl with special needs with sweet prom-posal

Sometimes, all you need is the good old ugly cry.

You have the urge to get it all out and the moment you do it, you instantly feel light as a feather.

If you feel like you need a tear-jerker, here's your reason to provoke a good cry.

And don't forget the tissues, you'll thank me later!

Is There Still Faith And Hope In Humanity?

We all know how in time we've become more selfish and self-oriented.

That's nothing new.

And it's completely fine if besides, we're aware that the world doesn't revolve around us.

Moreover, so many people were not blessed with the freedom and abilities we have. And when we meet someone that fits the description, the ego and the selfishness need to pack the bags instantly.

Well, here's the moment you were waiting for.

There is no doubt that we'll have you straight-up bawling with this story of a teenager who took a disabled girl to prom. Even the cold-hearted Grinch would cry over this.

Remember The Name: Carson Preece

Teen Surprises Girl With Special Needs With Sweet Prom-posal

He's the teenage boy who succeeded in melting the internet's heart over his recent good deed.

This prom story was shared by his mother, Trina Huff Preece, in a viral Facebook post.

She began:

"THIS BOY! A couple weeks ago, I was teary, Carson came in and asked what was wrong…"

Then the excited mother explained that he stepped up when she read him a Facebook post about a 16-year-old girl named Izzie. The young girl with special needs was looking for a prom date.

Trina shared the decision of her teenage son:

"And so he did! We went the day before her prom to decorate her room, and let Izzie meet Carson."

Prom & Prejudice

Teen Surprises Girl With Special Needs With Sweet Prom-posal

Carson's happy mum explained that Izzie is a darling girl. She's on a feeding tube and mostly uncommunicative. But although she's non-verbal and wheelchair-bound, she still had the opportunity to go to prom with a caring guy.

Despite this fact and her circumstances, the people involved in this heartwarming event claim how there were a few times where her eyes met Carson's and she lit up like the 4th of July.

And, well, so did he!

A Night Worth Remembering

Teen Surprises Girl With Special Needs With Sweet Prom-posal

Even if we lay all prom cliches aside, these two awesome teenagers will surely remember this night forever.

In the end, Izzie was even crowned Duchess!

After everything came to an end and the sparks were settled down, Carson sat in Izzie's room for over an hour and watched cartoons with her.

The proud mama concluded the touching post with this:

"Just a story about a boy I am blessed to call "son!" He makes me want to be better, do better!"

We all know it, but let's say it out loud again: this is one happy mama.

To see that you've raised a human with a heart as large as a mountain - there is no greater thing in life for sure.