Teen Spends Birthday With Mom, Dies Days Later From TSS

Teen Spends Birthday With Mom, Dies Days Later From Tss

Madalyn flew home from Lynn University in Florida to spend her 19th birthday with her mom Dawn Massabni. The proud mom could not be happier.

During her birthday, Dawn took her daughter out for a nice dinner. Unfortunately, Madalyn was not feeling well by the time they headed back home.

Within a short time, her situation worsened, and Dawn was determined to take her daughter to the hospital as soon as morning came. By the time the morning arrived, Madalyn was struggling to speak.


In an interview she gave later, Dawn said she was not even sure that her daughter could recognize her.

Once she realized how bad things were, she immediately called 911.

Madalyn had already gone through a seizure and a heart attack by the time any responders arrived. The teenager had a heart attack while still in her mother's arms.

On her part, Dawn was screaming, "I love you so much. Please don't leave me."


Once the responders arrived, Madalyn was quickly rushed to the hospital, and doctors tried to revive her. Luckily, they were successful in bringing her back.

Unfortunately, the next day, her health took another scary nosedive.

She had to be put on ventilators, and she died three days later.

Her mother was heartbroken by her death because she was such a special girl. Madalyn had done some modeling, which she had loved.


She was a girl who was bold and unafraid of judgment. She had been on a magazine cover, and she enjoyed spending time on the beach.

Her personality was also warm and inviting, and according to her mom, her presence never went unnoticed:

"...when she walked in, people would say, "Oh, Maddy is here."

Why Did She Die So Suddenly?

Madalyn's official cause of death was Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS. When she fell sick, she had her period and was using tampons.


TSS is a rare but deadly complication caused by some types of bacteria. Typically, the condition is brought about by Staphylococcus aureus (staph) bacteria, although it can also be brought about by group A streptococcus (strep) bacteria.

The risk of suffering from this condition is increased by the presence of skin wounds, surgery, the use of tampons, and things like contraceptive sponges.


Symptoms of TSS include high fever, confusion, muscle aches, seizures, headaches, low blood pressure, redness in the mouth, throat, or eyes, and diarrhea. As soon as these symptoms start, you should call the doctor immediately.

TSS progresses fast, and complications include death. The condition can also cause shock and renal failure.

Since her daughter's tragic and sudden death, Dawn has been trying to improve awareness of the dangers of using tampons.


Experts say it is always a good idea to read the labels and stick to products with the lowest absorbency rates.

Further, tampons should be changed regularly. Experts recommend that they be changed after every four to eight hours. Women are also advised to alternate between tampons and sanitary napkins to lower TSS risk.

Additionally, mini pads are recommended for those with a light flow.