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Teen Slaps His Mum's Boobs In Weird Rendition Of TikTok Trend


Anyone else has a feeling that TikTokers will end our civilization? The trend of bizarre challenges continues with slap your mom's boobs. We're not impressed.

TikTokker Aiden Ridings, 17, desperately wanted for his account to have one viral video. The eight-second clip shows the boy slapping his mother's breasts.

He even has a smirk, as if he's doing something worth our attention.

Vile, yet we are talking about it

The video is stupid, vile, and useless.

But, Ridings managed to gain the attention of the Twitter community. That was before his original TikTok video got deleted.


Over 4.5 million people watched this video. And what's worse, it got 160,000 likes.

The boy in question gave a short interview:

"My mother was open to doing it. I thought it was really funny, and I needed to do the video for laughs on my TikTok page."

Luckily, many people did not like the way this Aussie youngster treats his mom.

Yes, this incident was in Australia, not in the USA. People always assume that USA teens are the worst. We wonder why...


Twitter responses

The majority of people did not like this challenge. Some of the responses were sensible, like this one:

"White people let their kids get away with anything bruh."

teen slaps his mum's boobs in weird rendition of tiktok trend
teen slaps his mum's boobs in weird rendition of tiktok trend

Or perhaps, this is on your mind:

"If my kids even asked me anything like that let alone did it — they would be slapped to the ground!!!"

And let's blame the States poster:


"Alabama TikTok is wild."

The saddest part is that while these tweets are relatable, young Ridings still thinks he's funny.

He says he does not mind the criticism "because that's social media." Nope, that's common sense.

Teen added:

"I thought it was funny, and I posted it so others can think it's funny too. And people say some stuff, but I just choose to ignore it."

Why slap your mom at all?


Though short and uninspiring, the challenge was briefly a thing on TikTok.

But why? Why slap your mother?

teen slaps his mum's boobs in weird rendition of tiktok trend
teen slaps his mum's boobs in weird rendition of tiktok trend

And what's with other weird challenges, such as dipping your manhood into soya sauce? Or Cha-Cha Slide", the viral "penny challenge" or the fire hazard, as well as the "skull-breaker" challenge, which is deadly, in case you missed it.

These young people are the future leaders, essential workers, etc.

Yet, what's with the need to act like they are a few brain cells smarter than fish?