Teen "Kicked Off Plane" After Complaining About The "Obese Man" Sitting Next To Him During A 12-Hour Flight

According to reports, a teenager alleges that he was removed from a plane for raising concerns about an 'overweight man' who occupied a significant portion of his seat.

An anonymous traveler posted on Reddit to recount what had occurred, sharing his dilemma in the 'Am I the A**hole' forum to seek opinions on whether others concurred with his actions. However, as a spoiler alert, many people did not agree with his approach.

The individual on Reddit recounted that they were seated next to an overweight person on a 12-hour flight.

Nonetheless, a flight attendant informed the individual that the flight was "full," and therefore, there were limited options available.

They wrote: "I (18m) was travelling to my home country. On my second connecting flight, which is also by far my longest one being over 12 hours long, I had the delightful sight of an obese man that was taking up a good chunk of my seat."

"I am not a small guy myself. I have quite broad shoulders and am around 190 cm, so a full seat would already have been uncomfortable. I told the flight attendant about this issue and she told me that the seat was paid for by this obese person and the flight was full."

The teenager, who did not disclose the airline's name in their post, inquired of the flight attendant how it was feasible that their seat was still marked as "available" when it was being used for someone's bodily rolls. They also remarked that the airline's quality had declined in recent years, not just because of this incident.

Subsequently, the flight attendant labeled the individual as "rude," and according to the Reddit user, she insisted on having him "removed from the plane" while offering compensation for the situation.

He continued: "The fat man took his opportunity to call me a fatphobic s**t. Some other people around gave me the stink eye. I know they think I'm a bad person for this, but on the other hand I'm having to pay for the lack of discipline of another person as well as this s***ty airline's booking system. Hell I'd rather they called me the day before."

"The airline staff sent a letter of complaint that I got appealed and the consequences in the complaint (being a temporary ban) were removed less than an hour later. In the letter of complaint it said I was being rude to other passengers and the staff."

"Since it got appealed so quick, and I got to travel the next day anyway, I'm really not sure if I'm TA."

"AITA for my comments that have offended both the fat man and the airline staff?"

The post garnered over 6,000 upvotes and numerous comments, with the overwhelming majority concurring that it was the individual's conduct that was inappropriate, rather than that of the other passenger or airline.

One commented: "From the way you've written the post, I'm going to say YTA. Because often it's not what we say, it's how we say it. It probably would've been handled very differently if you had handled it differently. I know air travel can make people turn into idiots, so please everyone, don't be that idiot."

Someone else said: "Hard YTA. OP behaved like a massive jerk. The fact that the poor man knew you were complaining about him tells me you were loud and rude. You are also fat phobic how do you know there wasn't a medical issue causing him to be larger?"

A third wrote: "Yeah, quietly telling the flight attendant that you would like to be moved is the appropriate thing. If they can't move you, you just make the best of it. It's a flight. They're not asking you to move into that seat forever. YTA."

A fourth said the Redditor was the 'a**hole' for his judgment and decision to keep 'fighting with every comment, being rude in responses'.

"OP, grow up," they added.

Defending the teen, one wrote: "NTA honestly would have done the same thing. What did they expect? And also how is it fatphobic to want to sit in the whole seat you paid for?"

But another argued: "You are a fatphobic s**t - not because you want to be comfortable but for humiliating someone and referring to obesity of 'lack of discipline' (which also shows you don't understand the science of obesity."