Teen Hunter Falls To His Death By Impaling Himself On His Rifle

teen hunter falls to his death by impaling himself on his rifle

Hunting is a very polarizing topic, and many of its proponents were born into families that consider taking down animals for fun, a family tradition. But there are those who will oppose this practice at all costs and argue that it does no conceivable good.

It's not like a lot of people switch sides after these heated arguments. But still, they never stop.

So today, although we are looking at a story that involves hunting, we will take our focus off the merits or demerits of hunting and focus on the tragedy that cost a young boy his life.

Let's face it, the hunting debate has been going on for years, and it'll be here for the foreseeable future. There is no point trying to settle it today.

Whatever you feel about hunting, you have probably heard about hunting accidents.

Accidents are part of life, that we can all agree, and for the 17-year-old Justin Lee Smith, a budding hunter, a freak hunting accident cost him his life.

The young North Carolina resident passed away after impaling himself on his rifle.

Mac Wilemon, the county coroner, explained that Justin fell a distance of about 10 feet from the top of a tree stand. When he landed, the rifle barrel went through his chest and killed him.

It is believed that the tree stand shifted and turned to one side and caused the deadly fall.

The boy did not die immediately. He was still able to call for help using his phone.

Unfortunately, he lost his life even before any help could come his way. It is not clear if he was hunting alone or with someone else at the time the accident happened.

People have responded to the boy's tragic demise by reaching out to help the family. The boy's folks were obviously devastated by the loss.

Losing someone so young in such a manner is clearly a huge blow to any family. What made things worse is that the family has to raise thousands of dollars to settle the funeral expenses.

However, thanks to people's generosity, all these costs have now been covered.