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Teen Girl Collects And Keeps Every Mosquito She's Ever Killed

Teen Girl Collects And Keeps Every Mosquito She’s Ever Killed

A young girl shows off her collection of every mosquito she's ever killed, and netizens are baffled.

A lot of people have a hobby of collecting things. For instance, collecting stamps, stones, old coins, and other vintage items.

But this young girl has a bizarre hobby of collecting dead mosquitoes.

Well, not just any mosquitos. The 12-year-old has collected and numbered every mosquito she has ever killed.

Going by Twitter name Delisha Day, the girl shared two pictures side by side as part of the currently viral 'how it started, how it's going' challenge.

For the 'how it started' image, Delisha seems to have caught and squashed one single mosquito. And in celebration, she captioned it:

"Brooo, I just caught a macchar [mosquito]."

But in the second picture, things take a slightly darker and bizarre turn.

For her 'how it's going' pic, Delisha showed a rather gruesome-looking page. And it looks like it's from a page in a haunted house movie.

teen girl collects and keeps every mosquito she's ever killed
teen girl collects and keeps every mosquito she's ever killed

As the page shows, Delisha's mosquito death toll has now surpassed 80. What's even more bizarre, the teen has taped the squished corpses side-by-side in chillingly orderly rows.

How Does the Internet Feel?

The Twitter-verse has quite a lot to say about this girl's hobby. Some users said the mosquito collection is quite strange and out of the ordinary.

Other users, though, claims the girl's work is impressive.

One netizen commented:

"Gotta take a screenshot of this and show it to the mosquitoes in my room. Maybe they will get scared."

Another said:

"I mean, it's very concerning. But I'm impressed."

While another added:

"When you realize this is actually a cemetery."

We're still unsure why this young girl decided to pursue this unique hobby, though.

However, some have suggested she might have an interest in entomology—the study of insects. Other people argue she maybe has a personal vendetta against these bugs.

This young girl isn't the only one with a bizarre hobby or taste.

Just recently, a viral story surfaced about the strange tattoo addiction of a man in Germany.

Going by the name Mr. Skull Face on social media, the man has his face covered with tattoos. He also has forehead and back-of-the-hand implants.

In addition, he chopped off his ears and is now keeping them in a jar. He also recently revealed he was planning to have the tip of his nose removed.

Despite his strange addition/hobby, he said he doesn't care what other people think.