Teen Dies During Call With Friend When Dropping Phone In Bathtub

A 16-year-old girl from Avellino, Maria Antoinetta Cutillo, passed away after accidentally dropping her phone in the bathtub while on a call with a friend.

Cutillo was holding her phone while it was being charged, and it is believed that the device slipped from her hand and fell into the water, causing a short circuit.

Despite being transported to the hospital by emergency services, the teen was unable to be resuscitated.

According to local news outlets, the teenager's family was not present in the house when the incident occurred.

The emergency services were summoned to Cutillo's residence by her friend who grew anxious after the call was disconnected.

The girl's body has been transported to the Moscati hospital morgue for an autopsy.

The local authorities are conducting an investigation into the incident.

Cutillo's father, who is reputedly the proprietor of a nearby butcher's shop in the regional capital of Irpinia, is well-known in the area.

The young girl's friend who was conversing with her during the mishap has recently paid a heart-wrenching homage to her.

In a TikTok video, the friend expressed: "You flew to heaven my love, you left screaming my name during a video call. I will never ever forget that moment."

"The last call, the last laugh together, the last nonsense together was today my baby and while you were talking to me this happened."

"I have your voice echoing in my head as you screamed my name, I have the scene in front of my eyes, I have your big green eyes in front of me, I have your laugh in mind."

"You were a spectacular friend, now the school desk next to me will be empty and whoever gets in will never, ever be you."

"I miss you my heart, I have your image fixed in front of my eyes."

Although instances of electrocution via phone are infrequent, they do occur. There have been other occurrences where people have lost their lives after their devices short-circuited.

The Mirror reported on a 27-year-old Thai national named Wanchai Deengam who passed away in February while asleep with his phone plugged in for charging.

According to the outlet, a smartwatch was connected to an extension plug while two rice cookers and two fans were connected to the wall socket.

Deengam was discovered lifeless, with his phone still clutched in his hand and his left arm resting on the device.

Police Captain Jiratchaya Yordkum from the Rat Burana Metropolitan Police Station speculated that his electrocution was caused by a short circuit.

It was further added that the young man had plugged his device into the socket without utilizing the proper adaptor.