Teen Brothers Kill Stepfather For Sexually Abusing Their 9-Year-Old Sister: Reports

Teen Brothers Kill Stepfather For Sexually Abusing Their 9-year-old Sister: Reports

On Thursday, two brothers from Texas were put under arrest after beating their stepfather to death. The victim, Gabriel Quintanilla, was accused of sexually molesting their 9-year-old sister.

The 42-year-old was found dead in an open field in McAllen by the police. He had injuries to his head made using a blunt instrument.

Quintanilla was believed to have met his death after he was accused of acting inappropriately towards his daughter. He allegedly touched her while they were in an RV park.

After learning of the accusations, brothers Christian Trevino, 17, and Alexandro Trevino, 18, took matters into their own hands. After the initial fight, Quintanilla tried to flee on foot, but he was chased down by Christian and cornered in an apartment complex close by.

A second altercation broke out, and Alexandro also arrived at the scene in a car during the argument. He was driven there by Juan Melendez, an 18-year-old friend.

The three teens ganged up on Quintanilla, attacked him in the apartment, and then left.

Later, the three drove back to the apartment in a truck and saw Quintanilla alone and injured. The man was attacked a third time.

They then put him in the truck's bed, took him to the open field, and dumped him there. That's where he was found dead.

After their investigations, the authorities came to the conclusion that Quintanilla was still alive when he was abandoned in the field. They also believe the man was attacked using brass knuckles.

Before he met his brutal end, Quintanilla was a wanted man. He was charged with continuous sexual assault of a child and family violence.

The three teens were later arraigned in court. Alexandro is facing charges of aggravated assault, family violence, and involvement in organized criminal activity.

Christian and Melendez were charged with capital murder, aggravated assault, family violence, and engaging in organized criminal activity.

Alexandro was not charged with murder because the police do not believe he delivered the deadly blow that ended Quintanilla's life.