Teen Arrested For Killing Pedophile Priest By Ramming A Crucifix Down His Throat

For at least four decades, Roger Matassoli abused young boys and men. And now, he is a murder victim, by none other than a boy he used to abuse sexually.

A 19-year-old Alexandre V., from northern France, apparently tortured the 91-year-old Matassoli before ramming a cross down his throat.

The case is complex, as a young man faces life in jail. But, this revenge killing is more than just about his abuse. Alexandre's family suffered as well.


The priest and the alleged sex offender

The teenager is suspected of murdering the alleged sex offender by torturing him before asphyxiating him with a crucifix. Gruesome, but let's remember that pedophilia in the Catholic church is now well documented.

The fact that Matassoli allegedly "operated" between the 1960s and 2000s is disturbing, alarming, beyond reason. And Alexandre was allegedly his victim, but so was the teenager's dad.


Charges against Matassoli include four men, but many suspect that more will follow.

To make things even sadder for a teenager, his grandfather killed himself after learning that both his child and his grandchild faced sexual abuse in the church.

The teen suspect has reportedly told cops he cannot remember committing the gruesome murder. But, the local papers say it was an act of revenge.


After the priest's death, Beauvais bishop Jacques Benoit-Gonnin said that Roger Matassoli was removed from his duties in 2009 after abuse allegations came to light.

It also appears that the church kept Matassoli on the payroll until 2018.

Who's the real victim?

Alexandre tried to kill himself. His alleged abuser destroyed his childhood since family members say that he was assaulted between the ages of six and fifteen.


The young man tried to escape, but the police were faster. Alexandre is facing charges of aggravated murder, acts of torture, and resisting arrest.

Yes, the way this priest ended is no picnic in the park. But, who's the actual victim? Someone who most likely abused his power to assault children sexually?

Or a teenager, trying to find peace, for himself, as well as for his family?


Asphyxiating Matassoli with a crucifix wasn't the solution, nor will it ever be. But what's the proper punishment? And why are thousands of priests getting away with pedophilia?

The Vatican says that there are almost 4000 valid cases of child abuse between 2004 and 2014. Yet, there's no way that we will ever find out the truth.

Bitter revenge

Alexandre ended up in a psychiatric hospital as he appeared to be delirious.


His father told the local newspapers about the abuse, and family tragedies.

He said about Matassoli:

"This man has shattered a whole family."

And that's an understatement. Justice is blind, slow, yet a young man still might spend decades, if not his whole life, in prison or hospitals.

The best revenge is living your best life. And if the teenager asked for help earlier, he would be able to live and wait until the old priest naturally dropped the bucket.


Despite his vicious act of violence, it's hard to say that Alexandre is merely a murderer.