Teela LaRoux Bio, Instagram, And Dating

Teela Laroux Bio, Instagram, And Dating

Teela is a bold and intense influencer who has proved her mettle as a model on and off Instagram. Here's everything you should know about this famous social media influencer.

Date Of Birth

March 28, 1989

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Birth Place

Seattle, United States

Net Worth


Marital Status



5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)


130 pounds (59 kg)



Hair Color


Eye Color


Tattoos And Piercings

Teela has several tattoos on her body. She also has a nipple piercing.

Best Known For

Teela is most famous for her 2019 Playboy shoot titled "Heat Rises," which was featured in the New York Times and was even on the front page of the recognized paper. At the time she became a Playmate, she was 30 years old.

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Who Is Teela LaRoux Dating?

Teela has a boyfriend, whom he has described as an adrenaline junkie.

Teela LaRoux Boyfriends/Girlfriends

Teela is currently involved with someone.

Teela LaRoux Instagram

The first photo on her Instagram account is from May 3, 2020. She shared a sexy photo with her fans.

Teela gets about 3k likes on her posts, with her more popular photos getting 6k likes.

About Teela LaRoux

Teela became interested in modeling when she was 13. She was working at her mom's beauty salon when a model came in to prepare herself for a show.

The model helped her get an open call some months later, and she traveled to Italy, Milan, to model.

At the age of 16, she graduated from high school and got a four-year scholarship to college. She did not go to college and opted to travel the world, which she never regretted.

Once she became a model, she struggled with a decade-long eating disorder and suffered from depression. She overcame the hardship and got a certification as a nutrition and personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

She desires to help teenagers and women naturally attain fitness and health.

She has worked with some of the leading modeling agencies in the world, in addition to partnering with fashion and lifestyle brands, photographers, and other significant players in the industry.


Teela was raised in Seattle by a single mom and her grandmother, who are her role models. She is the second child and has two other siblings, who are both brothers.

Interesting Facts

Teela has an Instagram account on which she shares exclusive content with her fans for a $12 monthly subscription. Her posts on the platform have already gotten her more than 31k likes.

Although some people might feel that her appearance on Playboy was well deserved, Teela never thought she would one day get the rare honor. The experience was empowering, although she felt vulnerable posing nude due to her past body image issues.

Teela has also appeared in a couple of films, including ABCs of Death 2 (2014), Betabloc3r: Fired Up (2018), and I See Stars: Calm Snow (2016).

Today, she likes helping others, especially young people struggling with anxiety, eating disorders, and sexuality. Teela considers herself a fighter for equality, tolerance, and acceptance.

The model has two dogs, Roux and Franklin. She also loves Europe due to its culture and way of life.