Tech Start-Up Offered To Tase Migrants With Drones, And People Are Outraged

Tech Start-up Offered To Tase Migrants With Drones And People Are Outraged

A technology company has faced a lot of criticism after it apparently made a pitch that suggested drones could be used to attack migrants.

In 2017, there was a mass shooting in Las Vegas. Following the horrifying incident, Blake Resnick came up with a company, BRINC, which he claimed would assist law enforcers by providing them with nonviolent robots.

Today, Blake is 21.

The company has quadcopter drones, and the police use them to resolve potentially dangerous hostage situations more peacefully almost every day. According to Resnick, the company's creation had a lot to do with the events in Las Vegas.

Resnick talked about the company in a recent media interview. According to the company's Value & Ethics outlined on its website, the company is committed to never creating technologies that can "hurt or kill."

The company is also focused on introducing technologies into the world responsibly.

However, the offer to tase migrants seems to go against these principles.

The company has been praised for the powerful inspiration behind its formation in the past. Nevertheless, reports recently emerged about the company suggesting that it might not have been as committed to not "hurt or kill" as it would like the whole world to believe.

In video footage from 2018, an advert covering a yet unreleased border security technology features Resnick at the US-Mexican border showing that his company's drones can be used to trace and attack migrants as they try to get over the border.

The Disturbing Technological Innovation

Resnick's solution to the migrant problem was a "Wall of Drones." The measure, if implemented, would reduce the level of illegal activity at the border.

According to Resnick, quadcopters with thermal sensors, human-detection software, and stun guns would form this "wall."

In addition to these attacking capabilities, the drone would have an in-built speaker that agents could use to "interrogate" suspects.

The company's video advert demonstrated how this idea would be implemented. It shows the drone's array of features being unleashed on "Jose." After the Latino man refuses to show his identification and draws his gun, he is tasered by the drone.

The footage ended up on social media, and people were highly critical of the message and claimed the video was "disgusting" and "horrific." Resnick also responded to the criticism saying that the footage was immature and regrettable.

According to Resnick, the video does not represent the direction he wishes the company to take. He also assured everyone that the showcased system was never completely developed, sold, and used in operations.

As far as he was concerned, the video demonstrated an unethical use of technology. For Resnick, this was the reason they had created Values and Ethics to guide their operations.

He ended up saying that the video was fake. He based his claims on the fact that the company had never made a drone with a working taser.

However, BRINC got into discussions with a few parties about the Wall of Drones, but the discussions did not go anywhere.