Angela Boamah Amoah is dead, and her boyfriend has everything to do with it. Shockingly, the 18-year-old Ghanaian girl’s boyfriend caused her death after using her private parts for money rituals.

According to reports, the boy was apparently searching for quick riches. This made him seek the help of shrines.

Typically, such places usually make ridiculous and often horrifying demands from their clients.

In Angela’s boyfriend’s case, the girl’s private parts were involved in the bizarre ritual.

After The Ritual, Her Private Parts Started To Rot

During the ritual, fluids from the girl’s private parts were used.

And after the young man paid a visit to the shrine and had the ritual performed, the girl’s private parts began rotting.

Following the ritual, Angela was bedridden. Eventually, she succumbed to her injuries.

This was despite all attempts to make her recover.

The boyfriend, who is still unidentified, is apparently a well-known scammer. Angela’s friend claims that the young man goes by the alias Sakawa boy.

The young man is said to be among other Ghanaian men who will stop at nothing to get some quick money.

The Wounds Proved Incurable

The doctors tried all they could to stop the rotting in Angela’s private area, but that didn’t help.

But before things took a this deadly turn, the two seemed deeply in love.

A video of the couple, now being shared all over the web, shows how happy the pair was.

Angela was enjoying the financial perks of dating a well-off guy.

In the video, the two are seen having a good time, enjoying rides around town in a car, and using their iPhones to take photos.

She didn’t know that she would end up paying for these benefits with her life after the guy chose to sacrifice her for more wealth.

The video also documents the sad and painful end that Angela faced. She endured a lot of suffering as her private parts were rotting.

Her Funeral Date Has Already Been Set For 8th November

The final farewell event for the young girl will take part in Kwame, in the Ashanti Region. Many people in her township were in tears after learning of the tragedy.

Her family organized her funeral. However, they have not said much about the incident.

Obviously, that has not stopped people from commenting about the strange and horryfying story on social media.

Many have shared her video and obituary posters. Others have posted comments about the issue, with some arguing that Angela walked into this deadly trap herself by chasing after rich boyfriends.