Teachers Share Their Instant Red Flag Kids Names

Teachers Share Their Instant Red Flag Kids Names

SJ Strum, a mother of three, has turned to vlogging about the struggles of motherhood.

Her most recent project focused on offering teachers' opinions about the names parents give their children.

She then shared her opinions with the world, and many parents will be offended by what some teachers had to say about kids' names.

She started the video by claiming that "Yes," teachers judge kids based on their names. Apparently, the greatest pet peeve for teachers has everything to do with kids who have common names by unusual spellings.

This turns out to be quite confusing for the teacher and the child.

Teachers like unique names, but only as long as they are not weird. In short, distinctive names with easy correct spellings and pronunciations are perfect.

Tough names like Emma-Leigh, which can easily be misspelled as Emily, are a bigger problem.

Some teachers also tend to have some misconceptions about the kids' names. Consequently, they can feel that a kid is naughty or well-behaved based on their names.

Teachers Share Their Instant Red Flag Kids Names

For this reason, some names are considered red flags. Some of them have proved to be a problem time and time again.

For instance, Jake and Jack tend to be huge red flags for boys, as well as names that end in dens, such as Jayden and Hayden, which often indicate that the kid is always naughty, disruptive, and a terrible listener.

As far as girls are concerned, Islas and Jessicas tend to be very talkative, Marthas tend to be high-maintenance, and Alexandras tend to become bullies.

According to the teacher, teachers judge names, which happens more often than most people think.

The teachers also had an issue with such familiar names that more than one kid in class had them. These names annoy the teachers and the kids themselves.

Teachers Share Their Instant Red Flag Kids Names

SJ noted that there are a lot of these overused names, and they included Elias, Charlie, and Lilly. She pointed out that one teacher complained about having ten Sophias and four Laylas.

Oscars and Theos are also very common.

A lot of parents also like to double-barrel common names. Unfortunately, many kids prefer to use the first name in the double-barrel, causing confusion.

She recommended that parents who like to double-barrel names avoid overused names like Rose and May.

While finalizing her comments about her findings, she pointed out that the funniest and weirdest names were those of twins called Denim and Suede.

Some kids have names like Jack Daniels and Chelsea spelled as Chel'C. Other parents give their kids names like Jason Mason and Stephen Stephens, which tend to be hilarious.