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Teacher Who Took Students To Strip Club While Drunk Has Been Banned From The Profession

teacher who took students to strip club while drunk has been banned from the profession

After taking students to a strip club during a school trip, a British teacher has received a three-year ban from the teaching profession. The decision was made after he admitted to gross misconduct during a school trip to Costa Rica back in 2019.

Richard Glenn had been working at the school, Longridge Towers School, since 2007. He was a member of the IT department.

The 55-year-old teacher got drunk during the trip and ended up taking students to a strip club. He even threatened them with violence, according to media reports.

Teacher's Behavior Wildly Inappropriate

Glenn did not just take the students to a strip club; he also had alcoholic drinks with them. That's even though it's illegal for children under 18 years of age to have alcohol.

He was also accused of threatening the kids with violence. According to reports, he threatened one of the students that he would "kick the head in" and threatened to kill another.

He also apparently got aggressive towards a female employee leading the trip and eventually went with several students to the strip club.

He Made Many Mistakes During The Trip

However, these are not the only mistakes he made. Glenn is also accused of having exposed himself to a woman in a shared hotel room.

Fortunately for him, this act was ruled not to be "malicious or sexually motivated."

He did not stop there, however. Glenn also kissed a male student on the head before telling him: "you're all right."

Clearly, this guy was totally out of control.

Guilty As Charged

Glenn did not deny the charges leveled against him. He explained that he could not remember acting as they had said he had.

His excuse was that he was too drunk. He said that he "did not dispute the recollection of those present."

During the disciplinary hearing that resulted in the ban, it was ruled that:

"Mr. Glenn was, at various times during the school trip, under the influence of alcohol, and therefore not in a position to adequately take decisions or act in loco parentis should the need arise."

The report went on to claim that this was in consideration of the fact that the students were in an alien country, a long way from home, and relying on the teacher for direction and protection.

Glenn was an experienced teacher, and he was also a pastoral leader who was supposed to lead the overseas trip safely. Consequently, he should have been well aware of the behavior expected of him in such a position, but that was not the case.

After The End Of The Ban, He Will Have To Apply To Have It Lifted

Obviously, very few schools will be eager to hire Glenn even after the ban is lifted. However, his ban will only last three years.

After that time elapses, he will be able to apply for teaching positions. However, before he can do so, he will need to successfully apply to have the ban lifted.

Hopefully, he will have learned an important lesson on the consequences of professional misconduct by then. However, that will only matter if there will still be schools willing to hire him.