Teacher Who Had Sex With Student Told Teen Victim He Deserved Special Things

Courtney Roznowski, 32, will be spending 6 months in prison for having a summertime romance with a 16-year-old boy she was teaching.

The relationship was consensual, but the Wisconsin teacher will have to spend time behind bars for getting sexually involved with a minor.

In court, she admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with the boy.

The Boy Was Her Student

The two met at Southwest High School, where Roznowski was teaching. She was working with the Green Bay School District.

However, the two did not begin having their sexual romance at the time as it was initially assumed.

But their closeness triggered a charge of sexual assault of a student by a staff member against her. However, that was not happening at the time.

So, the charges were eventually dropped.

She Loved The Boy And Didn't Want To See Anything Happen To Him

Later, the teacher admitted to loving the boy.

This came after a complaint was filed by a teacher who thought that the two seemed "unusually close" when together.

This time, the accusation was true.

At first, there was nothing sexual about the relationship.

She also told the police she loved the boy and didn't want anything to happen to him.

At the time a sexual relationship began, she was drinking heavily. This was according to the report she gave to the authorities.

The Kid Loved It Too

At first, the boy didn't want to say anything about the affair.

According to what the boy told the police, he was living out every kid's fantasy. As per the statement he gave the police, he believes it is:

teacher who had sex with student told teen victim he deserved special things
teacher who had sex with student told teen victim he deserved special things

"Every kid's dream to do a teacher."

However, less amusing was the boy's admission that Roznowski told him that he was "special," and so, he "deserved special things."

It took a bit of probing before the boy made this uncomfortable revelation, which obviously played a huge role in the case's outcome.

His teacher was clearly taking advantage of the boy and his vulnerability.

Roznowski Is Regretful, And She Is Better Now

In court, the teacher admitted that alcohol was a problem during her affair with the teenager.

She seemed remorseful and took responsibility for her actions. Roznowski was also okay with her six-month prison term.

She felt she deserved the punishment for what she had done.

"I accept responsibility for what I did, and I know what I did was wrong."

But still, she will be getting more than a six-month prison sentence.

First of all, she will also have to be on probation for three years. On top of that, she has to write a letter to the Southwest High School staff and all county superintendents.

Other requirements of her sentence include the fact that she will never work with minors again. She is also to remain sober.