'Teacher Of The Year' Gave Student Oral Sex Twice In The Classroom, Texas Police Say

Teacher Of The Year’ Gave Student Oral Sex Twice In The Classroom, Texas Police Say

The court charged the former 'Teacher of the Year' in Williamson County, Texas, for having oral sex with a student.

Police arrested Randi Chaverria, 36, on a charge of improper relationship between educator and student.

This was after the victim told cops that the teacher performed oral sex on him twice. Investigators also reviewed phone conversations between the teacher and the student.

And text messages sent between the student and Chaverria were consistent with the teen's accusations.

The teacher resigned soon after the sexual allegation went public.

'teacher of the year' gave student oral sex twice in the classroom, texas police say

The 36-year-old woman taught family science at Round Rock High School, where she was Teacher of the Year.

She had taught for the past six years and credited her family's passion for education when recognized for her classroom excellence.

Upon receiving the reward, she said:

"The most important role of a teacher is to help shape future generations to become successful members of our community."

"More than any curriculum I teach my students, I hope that they will walk away from my classroom thinking of ways that they can make a difference in their community and impact the lives of others for the better."

'teacher of the year' gave student oral sex twice in the classroom, texas police say

Chaverria also ran an 'Adopt-A-Child' scheme in the local community.

In the program, high school students would 'adopt' an elementary school child 'in need.' They would then buy holiday gifts and host parties for them.

Following Sexual Allegations, it Seems Chaverria Doesn't Practice What She Teaches

She turned herself to authorities at the Williamson County Jail, and the police released her after posting a $ 25,000 bond.

Commenting on the case, Round Rock High School Principal Matt Groff told parents that Chaverria had passed a state background check before hiring her. She also had substantial prior employment checks.

The principal said in an email letter to parents:

"Safety is the top priority of Round Rick High School and Round Rock ISD."

"Ensuring a safe and secure learning environment requires a partnership between students, parents, campus and district staff, as well as law enforcement."

According to a New Report, Teacher-Student Sexual Relations are on the Rise in Texas

Since the 2015-2016 school year, the study found that school districts across the state have reported almost 1,000 teachers to the Texas Education Association (TEA) for sexual allegations.

In the report, investigators reported 56 cases in 2015.

That number rose to 243 in 2016. The number rose again to 314 cases in 2017, and yet again to 347 cases in 2018.

The 2019's and 2020's data isn't yet available. However, considering the pattern, the number could be higher than in the previous years.