Teacher Had Sex With 14-Year-Old Student Five Times In Car After Sending Him Racy Snapchat Photos

Teacher Had Sex With 14-year-old Student Five Times In Car After Sending Him Racy Snapchat Photos

Teachers are meant to mentor the children that they are trusted with. Sometimes, teachers grow fond of some of their students, and they form a special bond.

And other times, the lines of professionalism are crossed, and inappropriate relationships form.

Such is the case for a 23-year-old teacher and her 14-year-old student.

Monica Young was arrested and charged after she was caught having sex with the young student.


Reports indicate that the two of them had intercourse five times in her car. Additionally, she sent him several suggestive and highly inappropriate Snapchat messages.

It is not clear how the boy got his teacher's phone number or social media contact details.

Taking Things Way Too Far

teacher had sex with 14-year-old student five times in car after sending him racy snapchat photos
23-year-old teacher, Monica Young.

Monica, who is engaged and seemed happy with her relationship, allegedly begged the young boy to send her explicit photos.

To protect his privacy, the boy's identity is being withheld.

Investigators found photos of the 23-year-old sent to the boy with the message 'I'm waiting for you.'

The teacher is accused of also begging the boy to send her explicit photos through social media.


It is not clear if he complied and sent her any photos. It is also not clear how long they have been in private contact.

Furthermore, it is believed that she sexually abused him at school as well as in her car.

In July, Monica was arrested and charged with ten separate offenses. This includes many accounts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a child aged between 14 and 16.

The District Court is looking at the charges to determine how to proceed with a criminal case.


Caught On Camera

teacher had sex with 14-year-old student five times in car after sending him racy snapchat photos
Monica Young - the teacher who made disturbing headlines.

It appears that the act of sexual intercourse was not caught on camera. However, Monica was busted, apparently manipulating the young boy.

She is seen on CCTV footage, moving her hands towards his crotch and moving his hands between her thighs.

Monica's lawyers insist that the footage has been exaggerated. However, prosecutors feel that they have good evidence of the teacher.

Meanwhile, the lawyers have requested a six-week adjournment to review her case, and the charges against her can be reviewed.


Eventually, Monica will appear at the Burwood Local Court.

She is now living with her grandmother, and she has been forbidden from making contact with the boy or his family.

How Does This Happen?

After this incident, many parents ask themselves how such a thing can happen.

It is certainly a difficult subject to discuss and one that many parents never bring up with their children.


While many are quick to blame guilty teachers and call them perverts, others feel parents should talk to their children.

Certainly, the blame should not be on an underage child's shoulders. But perhaps knowing the dangers of getting comfortable with an adult could avoid difficult situations.

As for why teachers decide to take things too far, that is something that should be examined for future prevention.