Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Kissing And Sending Nudes To A 15-year-old

A substitute teacher aged 26 has been accused of soliciting sexual misconduct after she allegedly kissed a 15-year-old and sent nude photos to him.

Emma Delaney, who was working at Wellston Public School district, started sending messages to the teenager in October 2022. She sent him a school assignment.

Several weeks later, it appears that Hancock received a Snapchat of the student without a shirt.

Based on the documents, it appears that Hancock replied by stating: "Are we sending half-naked pictures now?"

The teen responded: "I don't know, are we?" to which, she then allegedly replied: "Are you trying to get me to lose my job?"

Following this, it is claimed that Hancock and the student started exchanging nude photographs regularly.

The situation reportedly escalated to the point where the two allegedly engaged in kissing inside classrooms on two different occasions.

The court documents state that during one instance, the unidentified student visited Hancock in the classroom where she was teaching, while she was on her lunch break.

It is alleged that they kissed in closets on multiple occasions, and during one of these meetings, the teacher is accused of groping the student.

Alfred Hancock, the police chief of the town, is the husband of Hancock.

The educator is being charged with two counts of using technology to solicit sexual conduct or communication with a minor, as well as two counts of committing lewd or indecent acts with a child under the age of 16.

On Thursday, Hancock appeared in court and surrendered to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, as confirmed by Charlie Dougherty. She posted a bail of $50,000 and is expected to be released.

Dougherty explained that due to the potential conflict of interest arising from Hancock's relationship with the town's police chief, the Oklahoma State Bureau will take over the investigation.

Reportedly, Hancock told the student that their relationship would not result in any consequences because they would not get caught.

According to the allegations, the student confided in a friend about the relationship, which prompted the friend to ask Hancock directly whether she was involved with a student.

As per court documents, Hancock initially denied the relationship when asked by the student, but later confessed to what had taken place.

Mike Franz, the Superintendent of Wellston Public Schools, informed News 9 that when the district became aware of the allegations in November, Hancock was immediately removed from the call list and banned from entering school premises.

Franz stated that the district promptly notified the authorities and fully cooperated with the investigation.