Taylor Swift Fans Want To Enlist Her To Run For President Against Kanye West

Taylor Swift Fans Want To Enlist Her To Run For President Against Kanye West

What do you think, Taylor Swift for president in 2020? Swifties sure hope so.

On July 4, U.S Independence Day, Kanye West made headlines by announcing that he plans to run for president. However, It's not clear if he plans on running for office this year because it's extremely late in the campaign process and almost impossible to make a serious effort at this point, but he ended his tweet with the hashtag "#2020 vision."

So what about Taylor Swift? The pop superstar's fans took to social media on Saturday to call for her to run for president after Kanye West's announcement that he'll be running for commander in chief in the 2020 election.

On Saturday night, Kanye West sent out a Tweet to his followers that read, "We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States … #2020VISION."

Swifties around the nation quickly reacted to the unexpected news and begged the famous singer to run against Kanye -- who has been at odds with Swift for many years -- this November.

"How about Taylor Swift as the president and Selena Gomez as vice president?" Twitter user @codyswiftgomez wrote alongside edited photos of both singers standing at presidential podiums.

Another Swift fan jokingly suggested that Democratic nominee Joe Biden should tap Swift as his vice president for the upcoming election.

"Okay, so I need @JoeBiden to announce @taylorswift13 as his vice-president in order to defeat Kanye West & Trump. Enough is enough. We're tired af," @sraihane1 tweeted.

Bad news for all Swifties out there is that U.S. regulations state that presidential candidates must be at least 35 years old, so Swift has another five years to reach that age. West, however, is more fortunate, being 43 years old.

Taylor Swift has some noble political ambitions, such as getting rid of racism. The singer made several statements denouncing racism and supporting Black Lives Matter.

However, Taylor Swift herself hasn't even responded to the Swifties' desire, and in the end, this may be just as unrealistic as Kanye's political ambitions.

Kanye hasn't even made any steps towards this presidential dream, like registering with the Federal Election Commission, presenting a platform for his "campaign," and collecting enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot. So it might just be for the sake of attention.

Other celebrities, such as Dwayne Johnson, have also suggested that they have plans to run for the presidential office. It's not unlikely that they could be good candidates in future elections. Still, unfortunately, it's too late for them this year.

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