Taxidermists Are Turning Deer Butts Into 'Assquatches' And I'm Truly Speechless

Many strange trends seem to have no real purpose, but the Assquatch may be the strangest yet. Taxidermists are using deer butts to create bizarre Sasquatch heads. It is a perplexing, somewhat gross, and yet highly amusing trend that has gained popularity among some individuals.

1. Why An Assquatch? Good Question

The origins of the deer butt Sasquatch hybrid are unclear, but it is clear that once one was created, many others wanted to join in and make their versions. While it may be bizarre, the trend has provided a source of amusement and a welcome break from the everyday.

2. How Are They Even Made?

Typically, the deer's butt hole is used to form either the mouth or the single eye of the Assquatch. Taxidermists may also add googly eyes, teeth, and other embellishments to enhance the creature's appearance. It may be somewhat unpleasant to consider, but the result can be amusing.

3. I'm Not Sure I'd Want This In My House, Of Courseā€¦

While the deer butt Sasquatch creations may be amusing, they may not be suitable for all home decor. However, they could make for an interesting conversation starter if displayed in a home. Imagine the reaction of guests upon being greeted by an Assquatch in the living room! It could certainly be a memorable and humorous experience.