Taxi Driver "Locked Suicide Bomber In His Car" Before Liverpool Explosion

Taxi Driver 'locked Suicide Bomber In His Car' Before Liverpool Explosion

A taxi driver known as David Perry has been labeled a hero after stopping a suicide bomber's evil plan. The driver locked the suspicious passenger in his car before it blew up in Liverpool just outside a hospital.

David's car did not survive the fireball that followed the explosion on November 14. The passenger, who was in the backseat, had requested a ride to Service of Remembrance at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral, a mile away.

The explosion happened outside Liverpool Women's Hospital.

David escaped the incident with minor injuries. He is a father of two, and the explosion damaged his eardrum, some bruises, and some cuts.

According to reports by friends, David has already been discharged from the hospital.

Following the explosion, three men were put under arrest in relation to the incident. Additionally, anti-terror police conducted several raids as part of an investigation into the sinister plan.

Taxi Driver 'locked Suicide Bomber In His Car' Before Liverpool Explosion

Although the man planned on getting to the Remembrance Day event, he asked the taxi driver to take him to the hospital after discovering the streets had been blocked.

A friend of David's confirmed that, because they could not get to their initial destination, the man changed his mind and requested to be taken to the city center.

However, as they were going past the Women's Hospital, the man changed his mind again and asked to be dropped there.

That is when David realized the man had some sort of light on his clothing that he was messing around with. The taxi driver knew something wasn't right, and fortunately, he acted immediately.

David jumped out of the car and locked the suspicious man inside. As soon as he did so, the bomb went off.

Therefore, David was as lucky as he was heroic. People can only imagine what would have happened if the bomber had managed to get to the hospital as he wanted.

Taxi Driver 'locked Suicide Bomber In His Car' Before Liverpool Explosion

After the incident, David suffered a perforated eardrum and needed stitches in his ear. He also had cuts and bruises.

Therefore, he only suffered minor injuries, which is why he was soon discharged from the hospital.

Fortunately, nobody else was hurt. David's bravery and quick thinking ensured that the bomber seriously injured neither him nor anyone else.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also thankful for the quick response by the emergency services, who quickly arrived at the scene of the explosion. He tweeted:

"My thoughts are with those affected by the awful incident in Liverpool today."

According to Liverpool Mayor Joanne Anderson, the incident was both unsettling and upsetting. She expressed her concern for those who were affected by the explosion.

At the moment, authorities are still doing investigations into the incident.