Taurus In 2019

21 April – 21 May

Luck and laughter are likely, and by knuckling down and not being tied down and you can get in the driving seat and set your own pace and destination.

Home and Family

You’re an independent sort, and perhaps no one can stand on their own two feet better than a Taurean. In the summer months and during September however, family connections could feel very important and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much support and unconditional love you receive from those close to you. This can give you the edge over the competition, not to mention get you more smoothly over life’s hiccups. The more you talk to your extended circle of relatives, the more you may begin to realise that there’s a certain talent you all seem to share. Combining your efforts could be good for all of you, so why not hatch a plan. What a special bunch of people you all are.

Cash and Career

In April, July and December your focus could be on money more than at any other time of the year. So, in the first few months of 2019 go over those bank statements, memberships, and bills just, so you can see how every penny is accounted for. Usually, you would roll your eyes at such a menial task, but the stars could put you in the mood to dig deeper into your financial matters and see what is really going on. With Venus travelling through your Astro zone of intuition and investigations, you could prove quite the cash sleuth and solve any cases you uncover where you’re not making the most of your hard-earned funds.

Love and Friendship

Bursts of romance dot your year, and they’re all gearing up to some golden moments in October when a new wave of love and understanding could wash over your life. But in the meantime, get to work. In March and April study those self-help books and relationship guides so that you can up your game. Yes, you’re without a doubt a sensual gorgeous, and loyal person, but whether attached or single there’s no harm in improving how you communicate with the opposite sex. It’s also worth being reminded of what makes the sexes different and therefore so attractive to each other. To coin a phrase of one author men are from Mars and women from Venus. Study hard and enjoy experimenting with what you’ve learnt.

Top 3 Tips

  1. A job in health or beauty is linked to prosperity
  2. Open your heart to love and find the right relationship
  3. Explore your psychic abilities in the spring

Diary Entries for 2019


Tackle money matters, debt, or investments after the 8th. Once you know where you stand financially, then plans can be made.


Home isn’t always the place you thought it was. The memories you hold in your heart mean more than bricks and mortar.


Your inner life is rich. Hold onto your beliefs and defend them against cynics and deriders


Work behind the scenes until you’re confident of what you have to offer. Study and research bear fruit by month’s end.


Let your light shine, especially areas that include teaching. Draw positive people into your space.


The more varied your routine, the happier you’ll be. Keep your options open, and a new job brings joy.


Tricky relations upset the family and affect the status quo. Your stubborn nature helps restore order once you take charge


Change is in the air, whether you move home or leave work. Spin the wheel of fortune and see where it lands.


An addition to the family unites you all. A romantic love affair can heal your past.


Look out for the person who inspires you or sweeps you off your feet. You can’t say no to their irresistible magnetic attraction.


A breakthrough about money and what it means helps you create a future free from financial worries.


Boundaries or rules must be adhered to over Christmas. Say yes to a new role as a teacher or mentor.