Tattooist Goes To Jail For Drawing Penis On Woman's Back Instead Of Yin Yang Symbol

tattooist goes to jail for drawing penis on woman’s back instead of yin yang symbol

Getting a tattoo might seem like a fun and sometimes spur-of-the-moment idea, but it's something that will likely be with you forever.

With that said, if you're getting a tattoo, you should probably think long and hard about what you're putting on your skin.

But, even then it's not guaranteed that you will get what you want.

One lady in Austria learned the hard way that not all tattoo artists can be trusted, even if you know them. She wanted a Yin Yang symbol but got something a lot less friendly.

tattooist goes to jail for drawing penis on woman's back instead of yin yang symbol

Getting Fooled

The 21-year-old woman asked her friend to do her tattoo but this turned out to be a mistake. Instead of the Yin Yang symbol she wanted, she got stuck with a permanent penis on her skin.

To finish off the less-than-lovely image, the word 'f*ck' was also added to the tattoo.

The tattoo artist must really have something against this poor woman - he fooled her good.

Everything seemed alright at first as the artist drew an outline of the symbol she wanted. He even showed it to her so she could confirm that it was what she wanted.

Until here, things were done the right way. Unfortunately, that didn't last long as the man got busy inking the tattoo.

The woman didn't notice that the tattoo was any different than it should be since it was done on her back.

When she got home she naturally checked it out in the mirror to see how cool her new tattoo looks.

Sadly, a horrific image met her eyes.

tattooist goes to jail for drawing penis on woman's back instead of yin yang symbol

(Unfortunately we don't have a picture either, that's just another picture of a penis tattoo we found online.)

Crying with disappointment and dismay, she called the police.

Although the woman trusted the man, she should have been warier. As per reports, he was not a professional tattoo artist.

In fact, the tattoo was done in his home, not a real tattoo parlor.


The tattoo artist, if he can truly be called that, was charged with bodily harm for ruining the woman's skin in such an unsavory manner.

This isn't the only crime he has committed either. He has charges of burglary as well as other violent offenses against his name as well.

As a result, the man will be serving three and a half years behind bars.

When asked by the judge why he did such a mean thing, he said 'just because'.