Tattooed Gran Strips Fully Naked To Flaunt £25k Inkings That Cover Entire Body


A grandmother who is stylish and fashionable revealed her impressive array of tattoos by removing her clothing.

Kerstin Tristan invested a significant amount of money, £25,000, on her vibrant body art. To make the most of her investment, she is confident and unhesitant in displaying it.

The 56-year-old German woman took a sensual bedroom selfie while completely undressed.

She allowed her followers to have a glimpse of her tattoos, which included peacock feathers on her legs, floral patterns on her arms, and leopard print on her shoulders.

The photo also showcased the geometric designs on her feet and the striking tattoos on her neck.

Kerstin labeled the image with hashtags such as "tattoo inspiration" and "color love."

It's clear that her followers enjoyed the provocative display, as the post received a significant number of likes.

One commenter said: "Damn! One sexy inked goddesss."

Another gushed: "Masterpiece."

And a third added: "Always so beautiful."

Kerstin received her first tattoo a decade ago, at a time when she felt uncomfortable in her own body.

She quickly developed a fascination for tattoos and has since spent thousands of dollars on tattoos that cover her entire body.

Nowadays the grandmother feels much more self-assured in her appearance.

She stated to Hooked on the look: "When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a beautiful meadow full of flowers that one has to love."

Kerstin is not alone in appreciating her vibrant appearance.

She has a large following on Instagram with over 193,000 followers and is among the top 2% of creators on OnlyFans.

The mature model frequently impresses her admirers by posing in revealing attire or minimal undergarments.