Tattoo Ideas For Women For 2020: Unique, Sweet, And Empowering

Tattoo Ideas For Women For 2020: Unique, Sweet, And Empowering

You came to the right place if you're looking for fresh and exciting tattoo ideas for women. We're going to explore trendy tattoos for 2020 and some unconventional designs for your ink.

Getting a tattoo is a big deal, because it's a way to express your individuality, plus it can look genuinely sexy and feminine. Tattoos for ladies are no longer a matter of what's in or out; they have a liberating tone. Women are finally getting the ink they wanted, and fewer people are treating them differently.


Ladies, it's not merely about the pattern, it's also about knowing where to place your ink. Depending on your work obligations, some unusual yet truly hot places are currently trending.

You have a choice to make it visible or to cover it up, to make it simple or something maximalist. The ultimate choice's up to you, but here are some tattoo ideas for women that will help you find the perfect ink for your body.


Tattoo designs for women's hands

A tattoo is a permanent art. It would help if you took it seriously while choosing the new, fresh, tattoo design. Sure, laser removal is no longer expensive or painful, but think of your ink as a part of you.

Hand tattoos have been trending for a while now. From butterflies and paws on your wrists to letters and even sayings on your fingers, these tattoos are small, yet fascinating.


You can't hide a hand tattoo, so it needs to be well done, and the most important thing is to know where you're going to get it. Finding a proper tattoo artist is vital for your health, overall mood, and, naturally, the outcome.

Latin or Japanese proverbs and aphorisms can look gorgeous on your hands, especially around your fingers. As long as you pick the short quotes, and you don't make spelling mistakes, you'll have a minimalistic, yet lovely and unique piece of art.


Naturally, tattoo ideas for women and hearts always go hand in hand. You can embellish them, or give them a personal touch by imprinting the initials of your loved ones. You can place a heart anywhere, but on the side of a hand, or the wrist is most likely the ideal spot.

Tattoos for couples are also huge at the moment, though they are tiny in size. You can pick doves, flowers, or hearts cut in half, representing eternal love.


Music keys are perfect because they already have compelling shapes. Now, it's up to you whether you'll place it behind the ear, on the side of your hand, or on the back of your neck. Though tiny, they can look adorable, yet very chic.

Tattoo ideas for women's legs

Trendy tattoos are no longer merely small pieces you have around your ankles. Thigh tattoos are ultra trendy for 2020, and women love them because they are like their little secret. Private and only invited ones are allowed to take a closer look.


Thigh tattoos attract attention to the legs and lower body. The ink can be subtly seductive or bold and beautiful. Your thighs provide one of the best areas for larger designs, but tattoos in this area are also lower on the pain scale.

Ask the artist to follow the curve when placing the tattoo on the back of your thigh. When it comes to design, pick wildflowers, or anything soft, delicate, and feminine.


When it comes to a tattoo for women's front of thighs, it offers a larger canvas for detailed designs. A floral tattoo that draws the eye vertically up your thigh can also make your leg appear slimmer.

A linear tattoo on the side of your thigh can make your legs look longer, and it will look fantastic when you're in a bikini. Cellulite may change the final result, so you might want to reconsider and place your ink on the hip.


While they are not groundbreaking, ankle tattoo ideas for women are anything but dull. Anything can look awesome, as long as you follow one simple rule. Pick designs that will flatter your leg, as well as your footwear choices, because summer doesn't last forever.

Similarly to hands, these tattoos aren't usually large, but you can absolutely go crazy and make a tiny, not necessarily minimalistic piece of art.


Bold, statement flowers, chains, and pictures of your pets are more than cute, yet sexy. They are also great conversation starters. If you need something deeper, you can place a symbol or song line that speaks to you the most.

Tattoo ideas for women who love nature

From your ribcage to your legs and arms, there's always a place where you can self-express all that mother nature means to you.


The mountain design is simple and will fit both on your ankle and your wrist. On the bicep on the arm, you have just enough space for a daring, pink, red-ish rose, with all the exquisite details.

A girly yet bold statement can come in the form of a secret garden. You can place some flowers and branches and create a peaceful yet loving ink piece on the back of your shoulder. It's trendy for 2020, and it will be cool in the upcoming years as well.


Flower outline is a tattoo that simply states girl power. It's sensitive and allows your creativity to flow, while you're playing with ideas.

Of course, birds, as symbols of freedom, are always welcome. As the king of the jungle, the Lion will look powerful, and you don't need too many details to make a statement.

It doesn't have to be a tattoo design that represents a certain place on earth. It can be something you always wanted to see or something from a dream.


Paying respect to nature with a tattoo is more than just ink. It's showing the world that you're eco-conscious and responsible. More than anything, it shows that you care.

Empowering tattoo ideas for women

Show some self-love, or remind yourself that you're a strong, vital, and powerful person.


Some of the ways to express gratitude and appreciation to yourself include one-word quotes or inspirational sayings.

You can do one small tattoo, or make a quote and design separately so that you can create a perfect match representing your love for life and everyone in it.

Matching sun and moon tattoos can represent your duality, while the anchor is a way to remind yourself to be grounded.


If you're looking for something more spiritual, the cross is always a great idea. You can pick a minimalist, geometric one, or go wild with flowers and words that you find meaningful.

A ribbon can signify that you're either a survivor or you merely wanted to give respect to all the victims of cancer. It may sound unusual, but it's thoughtful, and it can mean the world to anyone who's struggling.


The meaning behind the tattoos

There's nothing you can imagine a great ink artist won't be able to bring to life when it comes strictly to tattoo ideas for women. What truly matters is the meaning behind it.

Your body is a beautiful canvas, and with the proper tattoo, it will be even more unique. When it comes to tattoos, they are art, as well as a fashion accessory and a personal note to yourself as well as others.


Even if you merely want a tattoo, you don't need a special occasion to get some ink. It's your choice, and there's that meaning, right there.

Though trendy tattoos for 2020 are exciting, because it gives us, ladies, a lot to think about, they are full of classic elements and designs.