Tattoo Ideas For Girls: Find Unique Inspiration For Your Next Ink

Tattoo Ideas For Girls: Find Unique Inspiration For Your Next Ink

Picking an art that will stay on your body forever is tough. Here I've gathered tattoo ideas for girls that'll provide you with some inspiration for your next ink.

The Very First Tattoo Ideas

Before you get inked for the very first time in your life, there are a few things to consider. Sure, finding the right one among hundreds of amazing tattoo ideas is hard, but that shouldn't be your main concern.

In order to ensure you are making the right choice, start by doing a bit of research. Find a good artist in your area and check out their portfolio. Keep in mind that tattoos are generally not cheap, so try to avoid suspiciously low pricing, even when it's tempting.

Next, think about the placement of your permanent body art. There are two main ways to look at it: will it be in the way of your personal or professional life, and how much will it hurt?

Depending on the corporate restrictions from your current employer, visible tattoos might not be an option. And even if visible tattoos are allowed at the moment, this can change when you get promoted or change jobs. Try to choose a spot on your body that can be easily covered with a uniform.

And in terms of pain, all people handle being hurt differently. But as a rule of thumb, the softest body parts are the least painful, and the ones with extra sensitive skin or bones will take you for a ride.

So, a small ink on the forearm or a side of the hip is going to be just slightly irritating. But the same size art on ribs or spine is going to be really hard to handle for most people.

Finally, you need to be prepared to take care of your new tattoo. The artist will most likely provide you with instructions and recommendations. Your job is to follow them religiously if you want your tat to look good after a while.

Now, let's move on to getting inspiration for your next ink.

Minimalistic Tattoo Ideas

Keeping it small for your very first tattoo should be one of the guidelines for the inspiration for your next ink. Once you get it healed fully, you can judge whether you are willing to cover yourself in tattoos, or if that one is more than enough.

And even if you are already far from your first tattoo, minimalistic designs can be both stylish and meaningful.

With the current tattoo equipment, creating perfectly thin lines is easier than ever. But it still requires a certain level of skill from the master.

As for the small tattoo ideas, you have the whole world to choose from.

Think of an object that describes you the best. Maybe it's a camera or a compass. Or maybe it's a small cheeseburger, commemorating your eternal love for food.

The beauty of tattoos is that they don't have to make sense to anyone, but you. So you are totally free to get inspiration for your next ink from something dear to your heart. For example, the coordinates of your home town or the date when you met your significant other.

Quote Tattoo Ideas

Quotes look magnificently feminine, and they can carry a lot of meaning. From a single word to an entire paragraph, written tattoo ideas are always among the top of inspiring ink designs.

Consider getting a tattoo of a line from your favorite book, a poem, or a bible verse. Not much of a reader? Songs and movies will also do great. As long as it sparks up a warm feeling in your heart, it's a great idea.

Another solution to bringing in extra meaning into any of your quote tattoo ideas is to have someone important to you write it down. Ask a parent to drop a line from their heart or have them copy a few words from a song you both enjoy.

This way the inspiration for your next ink will carry extra significance: the value of the phrase and the imprint of your loved one.

As for the quotes in different languages, you will need to make sure that it means exactly what you think it does. No matter how sophisticated Google Translate can be, it is still a good idea to double-check with a native speaker to account for dialects, slang, and secret meanings.

People And Characters As Inspiration For Your Next Ink

Unfortunately, the portraits turned into tattoo ideas that have a rather questionable reputation due to a high number of poorly completed works. But as long as you find a good artist, getting a tat of your favorite person or character, both living and fictional, shouldn't be an issue.

And if you don't want the art on your body to be hyper-realistic, you can always find a way to express someone's essence by making them into a cartoon or a sketch. Still too much? Then come back to the minimalistic tattoo ideas and capture the character with one or two small items.

This way, Harry Potter can be reduced to a pair of glasses and a lightning bolt scar, and Homer Simpson is perfectly represented by a bitten doughnut.

Animal Tattoo Ideas

Just as with people, animal tattoo ideas are a whole ocean of opportunities. Start simple: what's your favorite animal? That is already enough to get a stream of inspiration for your next ink.

Don't have any specific creature in mind? Browse the different animal tattoo meanings across cultures. For example, a lion can represent power and aggression, while a bear will be a symbol of strength and confidence.

Your favorite animal is your own pet? Even better. If possible, get a print of their paw and use it as the foundation for your tattoo ideas search. For instance, a combo of a paw print and a quote will look both cute and meaningful.

Or take a picture of your pal and sketch a unique design based on it. Once again, there is no limit to what you can put on your skin. Let your imagination run wild.

Floral Tattoo Ideas

Flowers are also a great source of inspiration for your next ink. Floral designs always look feminine and tender and, just like simple jewelry, go well with any outfit.

You can choose a flower that is simply pretty or holds some type of meaning. For example, white daisies can represent true love and wild roses — a bittersweet mix between pleasure and pain.

Even if you don't buy into plant symbolism, floral tattoo ideas still have a lot to offer. Go with a blossom that grew in your grandma's garden or the one that blooms first in spring in your local climate.

You can alter between getting ink of a single flower head or a whole arrangement. There are also options to decorate any other tattoo with flowers: from quotes to portraits of your relatives or pets.

Still, having trouble navigating through tattoo ideas? Consider getting help with inspiration for your next ink from a professional.

Get Inspiration For Your Next Ink From An Artist

A lot of tattoo parlors will offer to develop a unique tattoo design based on your style preferences. The individual design development might cost extra, but it will guarantee a unique and professional result.

Like the artist's skills, but not too fond of their style? Consider looking among artists who do not tattoo people themselves. Check your social media feed for local or overseas creators, you'll have a lot to choose from.

Some artists will help you design your very special art based on the tattoo ideas you suggest. Others will take a look at your profile and come up with a unique way to express what kind of person you are.

There are also artists who offer ready-to-use designs and tattoo ideas. But before using any of the existing works for your next ink, make sure it is available. Reach out to the author to get their permission and follow their suggestions to avoid any type of conflict.

And if you know how to draw or paint yourself, give it a shot. Think of all the elements you want to include in your tattoo and find your own way to connect them into one piece.

Can't think of anything? Give it time and keep on looking for inspiration for your next ink everywhere. Sometimes tattoo ideas come when you least expect them.

The Best Tattoo Ideas

It is true that the best tattoo ideas are usually unique and meaningful. But if you love a design that's been tattooed on a lot of people, nothing should stop you either. Once again, the inspiration for your next ink can be found anywhere, just keep your eyes open to capture it at the right moment.