Tattoo Artist Shocked After Client's 'Boob' Explodes During Inking Session

tattoo artist shocked after client’s ‘boob’ explodes during inking session

A tattoo artist got the shock of his life after a client's 'boob' exploded right on his face.

When you're tattooing someone, the last thing you expect is their boobs to explode. But that's what sort of happened to this tattoo artist at a tattoo parlor in Pattaya, Thailand.

tattoo artist shocked after client's 'boob' explodes during inking session

The artist, Feist, was tattooing his girlfriend Mint.

But just as he was getting going, one of Mint's breasts exploded, sending everyone nearby jumping back in shock.

The artist yelled and fell off his chair as onlookers ran away in terror.

Don't Worry, Though, As You've Probably Already Guessed, It Wasn't Her Actual Boob That Exploded

It turns out, Mint had placed two big balloons under her t-shirt. She filmed the whole prank thing to promote her boyfriend's parlor.

And apparently, she succeeded!

After the clip went viral, the tattoo artist said:

"Mint had put the balloons on for fun and to promote my shop. I did not think it would get this much attention."

Many viewers also commented on the 'unbelievable' video.

One commenter wrote:

"I am horrified those weren't real. I feel like I don't know reality anymore."

Another lamented the prank, saying:

"Not sure it is a good idea to startle a tattooist in the middle of applying permanent ink."

The footage emerged right after another video of a model with 34J boobs showing off a bizarre party trick circulated online.

tattoo artist shocked after client's 'boob' explodes during inking session

Samanta Lily, from Russia, uses her boobs to pop open buttons on her shirt simply by flexing her chest.

She showed off the bizarre skill in a video in which she opens a series of tops with her breasts.

tattoo artist shocked after client's 'boob' explodes during inking session

The video was shared on the Facebook page Models Place, along with the caption:

"She got some real power there."

In an interview, Samanta, who describes herself as an 'adult model,' insisted her breasts are completely natural.

She added that she already had a double DD cup at the age of 15.

On her own Facebook page, Samanta also wrote:

"No silicone, no Photoshop, no plastic surgery, just all-natural. LOL"