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Target's Cheese Advent Calendar Includes 24 Mini Cheeses In Varieties That Will Make You Swoon

Target’s Cheese Advent Calendar Includes 24 Mini Cheeses In Varieties That Will Make You Swoon

If you are in love with a treat of cheese, then get ready for celebration because Target is bringing a $20 cheese advent calendar this holiday season. The calendar is going to be available in more than 247 Target stores across the nation from November counting down to Christmas. It will include 24 individually wrapped kinds of cheese. So if you're looking forward to brightening up your 2018 holiday season, stay put for the year's experience that will turn your day-dreams and imagination into reality.

Unlike in 2017 where the advent calendar took place only in the UK, things are different this year. The cheese eaters in the states now have more than enough reason to smile since the cheese advent calendar is now coming to the U.S. As stated in the press release, Annem Hobson, the British food blogger, making from "So Wrong It's Nom" this is going to hit the United States in a big way.

In the Press release, Hobson recognizes the continued support from Thousands of Americans in the #CheeseNotChoc campaign. She adds that she has so many Tweets and emails for the past year asking her to try her best to bring the Calendar to the US. She is thrilled by the fact that they've managed to make this dream come true. She acknowledges the support of the fans in every cheese invention she makes and promises to incorporate all her fans in the way.

The calendars are expected to retail at $20 in all the Target stores that will be participating. The calendars have no date yet for their official release, but the makers will keep the cheese stuns updated. If you need to stay updated all the way till the release date, you can go to the cheese calendar website.

If you are still not sure what exactly is this advent calendar? You will get all the answers on the cheese calendar website. They have released the information you need to give you an overview of what you should expect. They already prepare you for the kind of crackers/jam/bread situation you are going to go through before you buy.

If you prefer not to get any cheese-related spoilers, then you better turn back now.

If you are still here, then it means you like to know what's coming up in the cheese calendar. It is announced in the press release the variety of cheeses in the calendar including the Jarlsberg, Applewood, Ilchester Mature Cheddar, Red Leicester Ilchester Cheese, and Ilchester with Cranberries.

If you are a vegetarian, you don't need to worry because all the cheeses in the calendar are vegetarian-friendly and also bread friendly. Additionally, you also get the opportunity to pair the two advent calendars with the Bonne Maman jam calendar that restocked recently on Amazon.

You can imagine yourself buying one of the croissants at a coffee stand across the street, and then you spread the Bonne Maman jam and take it with your holiday cheese. Do this every single day before Christmas, and you are definitely going to Swoon, sweep, and cheese.