Tammy Hembrow In Sheer Baby Blue Lingerie Feels "So Good"

Who said that moms couldn't be stylish and hot? Tammy Hembrow, the famous Australian Instagram model, breaks the myth that women don't have their fashion groove after they have children.

This mother of three recently showed off her perfectly toned figure. And all of this just two months after giving birth to her third sweet baby.

Tammy's latest Instagram post shocked her followers. Although she wore a simple and casual outfit, her toned body stole the show.

Curvy booty, toned legs, and a slim waist - it sounds like every woman's dream, right?

Well, Tammy is one of these lucky women. But the 28-year-old mom and entrepreneur shared that it wasn't as easy as it sounded.

She wrote in the caption of one of her pics on Instagram: "A whole two months since I gave life to my third little being & feeling so good. Slowly restoring my core strength."

Good things take some time, indeed.

It's more than sure that her good looks and her stunning body didn't fall from the sky. Tammy shared that her journey to achieve the body she liked and the body she felt comfortable after giving birth was pretty hard to achieve.

She also mentioned that hard work always pays off. So, instead of making excuses, try working on yourself.

The pretty mama said that she still has a long way to go, but she is trying to enjoy the ride, and she is taking her time. Even the little steps count.

Training is Tammy's happy place, her favorite me time, and her mental sanctuary. She added that she feels like she is coming back stronger than ever, and that was one of the things that excited her the most.

Moreover, we also noted that her fiancΓ©, Matt Poole, was her biggest cheerleader. He even dropped a biceps emoji under one of her latest Instagram photos.

Her fans and followers were also impressed by her latest pictures.

"Looking good Tammy keep up your good work," wrote one of her followers.