Talking To Yourself Out Loud Could Be A Sign Of Higher Intelligence

Talking To Yourself Out Loud Could Be A Sign Of Higher Intelligence

If you often talk to yourself, you have probably thought, "what's wrong with me?" And let's be honest, talking about yourself in the third person can get you a few awkward looks and make you feel embarrassed.

Well, it turns out that you should probably be proud that you have such behaviors. Science says that it could all be a sign that you are smarter than the average person.

For those who often talk to themselves, this activity proves to be quite helpful at times. Unfortunately, some people might think you have some mental issue or another.

They couldn't be more wrong.

While socially, talking to yourself comes off as odd; it is actually an indication that you are highly intelligent. In fact, self-talk also promotes intellectual growth as it improves memory and helps you understand some subject matters better.

Just think of how many ground-breaking epiphanies you have stumbled upon when having a chat with yourself.

Talking to yourself also helps you understand yourself better, especially concerning things you have just learned.

There is solid scientific research behind these findings.

The people who took part in one study were encouraged to think aloud about an object they were to search for later. Another group was asked to be quiet about it.

When the results came in, those who talked away their thoughts found the object more easily. They also had an easier time remembering.

The conclusion drawn here was that talking to yourself improves your cognitive functions and capabilities.

Why is that?

According to Dr. Paloma, hearing yourself better controls and enhances behavior than seeing written commands.

A different study also showed that talking to yourself was in itself an indication that you have a higher level of intelligence.

The study involved a group of people who were given instructions to read. Those who read out aloud performed better.

Therefore, scientists who are mumbling something to themselves as they are completely absolved in their own little worlds are not actually mad, as the world likes to think, they are simply using a dimension of intelligence that the world has long looked unfavorably upon.

Talking to yourself improves focus and motivation, which is why athletes might often be seen talking to themselves. They are simply giving themselves an effective pep talk.

Do not feel bad that you talk to yourself. Some have gone as far as finding ways to ditch the "anti-social" habit, but before you do, consider what that actually means.

For one, it says that you are smarter than most people. Secondly, you can understand things more vividly and much more easily. To top it off, self-talk means you can perform better in the activities you are discussing with yourself than most people.

So keep the conversation with yourself going. It could be the secret to your enhanced cognition and performance in your profession.

Think about it, why do "mad scientists" who often talk to themselves as they try to uncover world-changing secrets and make celebrated discoveries? Also, think of those professional athletes who dominate their fields and yet are seen chatting with themselves as they play.

Self-talk is a good thing, do not try to hide it.