Taliban Announces A National Suicide Bomber Brigade

Taliban Announces A National Suicide Bomber Brigade

When the Taliban took over the country of Afghanistan, there were reports that some fighters had missed an opportunity to be martyrs. These fighters felt that the group put greater focus on holding on to power than it did on fighting off forces from the US, UK, and other places.

Against this backdrop, the Taliban has set up a brigade consisting of suicide bombers. The group will have an army of 10,000 strong.

According to Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesman, the martyrdom brigade will still be part of the army, although it will make up the special forces.

The brigade will be under the Ministry of Defence's control, and it will serve in special operations.

The news about the creation of the suicide bomber brigade was considered horrific and appalling by the chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Shahrazad Akbar.

Last year, an "exclusive battalion of suicide bombers" was sent to the borders of the country.

The battalion is called Laskar-e-Mansoori, or "Mansoor Army," It was charged with conducting suicide attacks against security forces supposed to protect the former Afghan government. This was revealed by Mullah Nisar Ahmed Ahmadi, the deputy governor of the Badakhshan province.

Apparently, if it were not for the battalion, the US forces would not have been defeated.

Members of this part of the army have to wear explosive waistcoats, which is precisely what they did before making the bombs explode at the US bases throughout the country.

According to Ahmadi, these people are fearless and are wholly devoted to Allah's will.

In September of last year, a video of the "martyrdom-seekers squadron" surfaced. It showed masked men as they carried a Taliban flag and weapons they intended to use against "invaders and their puppets" as a way to defend the country and its independence.

Taliban's deputy spokesperson, Bilal Karimi, said that the new battalion will be part of the army and will help to deal with threats coming from their rival, Islamic State Khorasan Province chapter (ISIS-K).

Karimi said that the new battalion would be involved in the more sophisticated and special operations by the Taliban.

Only last week, ISIS-K said it was responsible for a mortar shell explosion in eastern Afghanistan. The attack killed nine children.

As bad as that sounds, unfortunately, this was just one of almost 100 bloody attacks that took place across the country. The attacks targeted the Taliban operatives as well as civilians.

United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan recently released a report that said the main reason behind civilian casualties was IEDs. Both the ISIS-K and the Taliban use these devices.