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Take Your Parties To The Next Level With Giant Inflatable Twister

Take Your Parties To The Next Level With Giant Inflatable Twister

We all remember the dizzying highs of Twister. If you were a 90s kid, you'd have fallen on your face a few times while playing this classic. Right foot red! Left-hand yellow!

Now imagine playing again but on a bigger scale and with a bouncy board this time. Giant inflatable Twister will take your parties to the next level.

"Inflatable Outdoor Color Dot Game"

The original company doesn't make this giant inflatable Twister. This time, company Hammacher brings us the 'inflatable outdoor color dot game,' but we all know what that means.


Regardless of who makes it, this is a giant inflatable good time and an improvement on the non-inflatable original. It makes me think - why isn't everything inflatable?


As well as being super nostalgic, this giant inflatable Twister is absolutely huge.

At 15 by 15 feet, this inflatable beast has 64 dots arranged in 8 rows. Thankfully, this makes giant inflatable Twister suitable for both adults and kids.


On such a huge board, you could fit every member of the family or every member of the squad. Perfect for BBQs, picnics, and pool parties, this giant inflatable Twister will take any event to the next level.

Of course, we can't forget the spinner, which is a 24inch diameter, 3-foot wheel in this version. Remember how much fun it was to spin the wheel? Now imagine spinning an even bigger wheel!


For Adults And Kids

Keeping the 'inflatable outdoor color dot game' nice and strong comes with its air-blower. Like an inflatable mattress, but much more fun, you inflate the game until it's good to go.

Giant inflatable Twister supports up to 1,500lbs and is made of sturdy double-walled vinyl. Think of how many people can enjoy themselves at once on this giant inflatable fun zone!


Buy With Friends

You'll probably need some help setting up your new giant inflatable Twister, and maybe even some help buying it too.

At $2,000, this 90s throwback isn't cheap, but it's the perfect investment for a party. Giant inflatable Twister holds up to ten adults at once, and trust me. People will be falling over themselves to play.


Not only can you revisit your favorite childhood game and introduce it to your kids, friends, or family, but it's inflatable! And Giant!

Get your friends to throw in some cash, and soon you'll be reliving your 90s memories together. Just try not to fall on your face.